Taldryan Aedile Report: War is Hell, Edition


Taldryan Aedile Report: War is Hell, Edition

Greetings Folks,

This report sadly (or maybe not sadly for the people reading it), is going to be a relatively short one, as I'm sure everyone's got quite enough on their plates at the moment.


The Crusades are of course once again back in the full swing of things. We have a much more varied and creative lineup this time around from the men in charge, and with offerings of a Battleplan, Fiction, Alien Swarm Gaming, and a Multimedia event, it's much different from the somewhat stale fare we'd been feasting on before this.

Draco, as part of his summit task to reach DJK has assembled the standard event breakdown, and you can find it on the email list earlier, as well as on the DB Forums under the Taldryan -> Dark Crusade (Private) forum. For the Battleplan, Rathus has also gone through and done a translation of the reams of weird acronyms to be found in it for easier reading.

Also, concerning the battleplans, we have members who haven't managed to find a battleplan team yet, so if you're looking to participate in the battleplan event, reply to this email and we'll get something worked out.

There's also a couple of fictions to help establish a better understanding of the fictional side behind this round of the crusades to be found here and here.

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Combat Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor, and his insane team of helpers have been feverishly working on creating a new character sheet system for the Dark Brotherhood to use. For those like myself, with no tabletop gaming experience, the character sheet is a sort of one stop shopping list to help define, and explain your character. The new system is one of the best examples of a roleplaying gaming character sheet I have ever seen, allowing for even novice roleplayers like myself to use. I know I'm not doing this justice by talking about it, so I'd like to direct you over to the Combat Master's announcement here.

The new system is currently in its beta form, and there are places you can leave comments and suggestions to the CS team there. Also, if you see Mav, Wally, Alaris, Anubis, Rathus, Atty or anyone else who worked so hard on these character sheets, be sure to thank them for their hard work. I've been in this club a long time, and rarely do I get a chance to say I am seeing something that will fundamentally change our club, and this is one of those times. So thanks guys.

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Am not entirely sure Fist Valhavoc's report was a report per se, but it's got some important info, so go read it.

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That's it. We had lots of promotions and medals and awesomeness, grats again to our DJKs and Siddles especially. Now go do all the things!

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Comment on ALL the things
Write ALL the fictions
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