Taldryan Quaestor Report


Taldryan Quaestor Report

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Hello Taldryanites,

Here’s another report from your beloved Quaestor :P (well actually not me, but my Apprentice Draco who has asked me to write a Quaestor Report for his House Summit Task, so lay back and have fun reading ;))

Quaestor News

Deputy Grand Master, Seneschal and Voice reports are out. Find them here: Deputy Grand Master Report, Seneschal Report and Voice

Also the new Character Sheet Beta has opened, so go take a look, there are already quite a few Taldryanites out there who got their new Character Sheets approved, see Mav’s newspost for reference here: Combat Master Newspost

Information is now posted on the Taldryan message boards regarding this round of Crusade on the Jaguada planet. There you can find all about the events, and info about the planet.

For those of you who may not know and also to remind those that that already know, the Journeymen Hall in our Shadow Academy is good to go. You can take some really easy exams and earn a degree :)

Quaestor Awards

First lets welcome the ones who have transferred to Taldryan with open arms and bonds of friendship. I hope you enjoy your time here Vardar. Welcome back!


  • SBL Vardar Fen’Amar Taldrya (transferred into Taldryan)

A huge round of applause for Carissus, Nero and Rathus who all have attained the much-envied but hard-to-get rank of Dark Jedi Knight. Way to go guys! People who attain DJK in the Brotherhood give a shining example to their Journeymen brethren and sisters to work harder in their units and give back to the Brotherhood. Its from this rank that the leaders of the Brotherhood are chosen. Keep up the great work all!

Vaj Carn has been promoted three times. Congrats Vaj!

Last but not least Sid has received a well deserved promotion to the rank of Obelisk Primarch for his dedication as Leader in Taldryan for the last 5 years. Woohoo, Sid!


  • Carissus (promoted from Jedi Hunter to Dark Jedi Knight)
  • Nero Inferni (promoted from Jedi Hunter to Dark Jedi Knight)
  • Rathus Marr (promoted from Jedi Hunter to Dark Jedi Knight)
  • Vaj Carn (three times promoted from Apprentice to Protector)
  • Shaz'air Taldrya, aka Sid (promoted from Obelisk Exarch to Obelisk Primarch)

And finally below is a list of all those who have won awards/novas.Damm thats one big list. That sure tells that Taldryan is now at its strongest and we have members who are achievers :)


  • Raistline: Clusters of Fire (18x)
  • Quejo: Clusters of Fire (149x), Silver Nova (1x), Gold Nova (1x)
  • Chaos. Cluster of Fire (10x), Legion of the Scholar (1x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Bronze Nova (1x), Gold Nova (2x)
  • Yacks: Cluster of Fire (33x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Bronze Nova (2x), Silver Nova (1x), Gold Nova (1x), Crescent with Amethyst Star (1x)
  • Talon: Cluster of Fire (5x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Silver Nova (1x), Gold Nova (1x), Scrool of Foundation (1x)
  • Rian: Cluster of Fire (7x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (1x), Amethyst Kukri
  • Nero: Cluster of Fire (2x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (1x), Crescent with Sapphire Star (1x)
  • Malfrost: Cluster of Fire (9x), Silver Nova (1x)
  • Halcyon: Cluster of Fire (2x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (2x)
  • Ben: Cluster of Fire (4x), Crescent with Emerald Star (1x)
  • Kazmir: Cluster of Fire (3x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Anteian Cross (1x), Scroll of Foundation (1x), Silver Nova (1x), Gold Nova (1x), Dark Cross (1x)
  • Rathus: Cluster of Fire (34x), Legion of the Scholar (1x), Pendant of Blood (2x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (1x), Crescent with Emerald Star (1x)
  • Catmatui: Cluster of Fire (19x)
  • Carissus: Cluster of Fire (10x), Bronze Nova (1x)
  • Howie: Cluster of Fire (6x), Cluster of Ice (2x), Legion of the Scholar (2x), Gold Nova (2x), Crescent with Quartz Star (1x)
  • Jac: Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (3x), Bronze Nova (1x)
  • Tarax: Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (1x)
  • Draco: Cluster of Ice(2x), Gold Nova (1x)
  • Bubbles: Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (1x), Bronze Nova (1x)
  • Miranda: Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (1x)
  • Retden: Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (1x), Crescent with Topaz Star (1x)
  • Sena: Cluster of Ice (2x), Gold Nova (1x)
  • Sid: Cluster of Ice (2x), Silver Nova (1x), Gold Nova (2x)
  • Alaris: Silver Nova (1x)
  • Anubis: Gold Nova (1x)
  • Mav: Gold Nova (2x)

Quaestor Comps

Crusade events are up, this time we have a much broader variety of events than ever before, you can find them here on the Taldryan Forums events. You know where to find them so listen to Howie and DO ALL THINGS!

Quaestor Closing

Last month was a great month for Taldryan, a milestone. After months of hard work our House triumphed, and it is our members who have held up Taldryan for this victory. A unit, after all, is what its members make of it. And last month together we came on top after month’s of hard work. We passed the other houses and Clans by a considerable margin and score! We beat Arcona who won many many month’s worth of Crusade rounds. Taking the victory from them was no mean feat.

So the next time someone tells you - ,”You’re fighting a loosing battle there pal.. You can’t win ya know.”

Tell them: ,”Oh yeah? Watch me!”

However, just because we’ve won one battle does not mean we would lazy now in face of the whole war. Heck no! We have to keep up this fighting spirit going and keep that fire burning in the belly. Taldryan is strong now. We have young blood in our ranks that are raring to go in battle. We have many experienced veterans. If every member of Taldryan works together and gives their 100% effort like they gave last month, we’ll win this Crusade round too.

Crusades for this month start today, the 18th. Its highly recommended that you be on IRC and in Taldryan channel. You’ll get a lot of tips for this round of Crusades on IRC. In case your IRC client is’nt working don’t bang your head against the wall. Use Mibbit.com. You can easily log in the House channel from Mibbit.

Quaestor Links

House Website: Taldryan.net
House Forum: forums.darkjedibrotherhood.com
Calendar of Events: Calendar
Quaestor Rian Aslar
Aedile Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor
Rollmaster Nyssa "Bubbles" Taldrya
Sith Commander Miranda Goto
Obelisk Sergeant Benevolent Whiner
Summit E-mail [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Sorry for the delay, as some of you might know my Notebook has been sh**** the last days and I was forced to do a factory reset in order to get it working again. Also very big thanks to Draco who has written this report!


Nice work Draco.

Nice work Draco.

Thanks Grand Master! :)

Comment on ALL the things
Write ALL the fictions
Do ALL the events

Good job, Draco!

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