Plagueis QUA Report (25-8-2013)


Plagueis QUA Report (25-8-2013)

It's report time!

Dark Crusade

As you all know, we are now halfway through Phase 2, Round 2 of the Dark Crusade, facing both Tarentum and Arcona on Kalsunor. So far, we've seen some submissions fly in, so I wanted to give you all the good old data to keep on track.

So far, we have amassed 14 submissions - almost all in gaming, in fact. Bear in mind that, since we are a house of 32 members now, we need 48 submissions to reach a 1.5 participation ratio. That means that the Special Forces team will be able to get an extra member to help out and get us some extra fleet points so our Ascendant Fleet can get snazzier and snazzier.

Remember that there are four events, and one of them will require teamwork. If you have not yet done gaming such as Swarm or Pazaak, or you have not found a battleplan team, please let me, Arden, and Celevon know so we can give you tips and work teams out. Keep in mind - submissions this round are due by Saturday, August 31st, at 11:59 PM EST.

I'm really expecting an excellent turn-out and some great submissions from members. Arcona is one leviathan of a clan, and Tarentum isn't a house to sneeze at, either. We can prove that we are a force to be reckoned with in the Brotherhood's vendettas, so let's work together to show that to everyone.

New Character Sheets!

A beta version of the new character sheets have been released by Combat Master Mav with the help of several DBers, such as Marick "Wally" and Alaris. Because this is the draft version of the sheets, they are taking feedback from members. Before you ask any questions, however, a few answers already:

  1. This character sheet will be used as part of grading your fiction entries and run-on entries, not just ACC fights.
  2. Because of ^, you will be expected to have a character sheet already approved when you submit fiction.
  3. You do not need to have an official character sheet for the current round of the Crusade. I repeat - you do not need an official character sheet until next round.
  4. If your species is not on the list, don't worry - send a request using the feedback form in the news post (I'll be providing the link below), and they'll work on it. Same goes with any other technical issues.

I believe that there is a really healthy discussion going on with these sheets in the comment section of the main page news post about the CSes, and I want to encourage all of you to try out the beta and let the powers that be know what you think. If you think the new character sheets are awesome and you absolutely love them and you want to snuggle with them at night, great! Let the staff know. If you think the new character sheets need some work and have some ideas and concerns to provide, also great. Let the staff know. Part of what is important in the Brotherhood is the community, and we can't function as a community if we don't keep an open channel with our leadership (who is there, of course, to make a better experience for all of us in the club).

If you'd like to find out more about the sheets, see the express guide, and leave a comment, just go to this link for all you need.

Quaestor's Thoughts

I want to let you all know that while I will be around to proofread for most of the week and I will be completing 4/4 submissions, I am going to a wedding on the final day of the Crusade round, on August 31st. I know, horrible timing, but that means I still have five and a half days more to do all my work and help you all out, too. That means that there is no better time than now to ask for my assistance in proofreading, fiction tips, and other questions and concerns.

Please remember that your entire summit is here for you, from the Quaestor all the way down to the XOs. You can either send an e-mail to the entire googlegroup, or you can contact an individual summit member. One stand-out summit member I'd like to give attention to is Solus Gar, who, as Karness Muur XO, has assisted in communicating with various membership individually to see how they can help us out with the Crusade if they have yet to send a submission or be involved in chat through e-mail. We want to keep everyone active and happy, and we don't want to lose anyone along the way.

And don't forget - "It's" is "It is." If you write "The monster reared it's head," you are literally writing, "The monster reared it is head." When in doubt, separate it out!

Yes, I did just make up that rhyme. No, I'm not inebriated.


Missed anything? Go back to the beginning of this report and read it again! Happy Crusading, Plagueis!

Ronovi Tavisaen
Quaestor of House Plagueis

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