Taldryan Aedile Report: WTF is a CCL?


Taldryan Aedile Report: WTF is a CCL?

Greetings Folks,

I'm a day late with the report this week, but I figured hey, a day late is better than none at all. Anyways, here we go with the news...


As you're all aware, the Crusades are currently ongoing, and they're ticking down toward their end. Taldryan's efforts so far in this round have left a lot to be desired, especially when we're in a place where Muz and the DC have decided to give us even more awards for continuing to be awesome, so I'd like to really beg everyone in the House to step it up a little bit, and try to crank out at least one entry, to one event. If you need any help, as always, your summit is available to lend assistance.

Just as a reminder of what sort of awesome shit Muz does when we earn custom robes and lightsabers, I'd like to show you the custom robes and saber that Taldryan already has earned.


If we get up to 1.5% participation, we're in line to earn at least one more robe or saber, and maybe one of each depending how generous he is. That's pretty sweet. So cmon folks, let's get some extra effort in before the deadline at Saturday 11:59PM EST.

Space Bar, Bitches!


As wonders will never cease, our Headmaster has managed to pump out another very useful and instructive basics course for the Dark Brotherhood's use. This one revolves around the wiki, which to me is the single most important the DB has. It's the collective of the Dark Brotherhood's vast story, and if you don't spend much time bombing around on the wiki, I highly recommend you do, and find the random article link on the left side. Hours of fun to be had there. Anyways, link to the course can be found here

Oh, one other thing. Solari got promoted to what I think is Equite 4 (silly lighty ranks... one day I'll learn you), and I've rarely seen a more deserving candidate from outside of Taldryan. Solari, well deserved, and my full congratulations.

Space Bar, Bitches!


Grand Master Muzzles Funky Fresh Report: here

Lots of news about the coming plans in the DB, so people should really make sure you go and read it. Also some other things. So yea, go read.

So Fucking Easy


Really just one thing to say here, quoting Howie, and his oft repeated Crusades Mantra. DO ALL THE THINGS!

Oh so Sexy

I concur with the report header :P

CCL = Consular Cleric (E4 of consular order)

As with Sith (S), Obelisk (O) and Krath (K) the first letter of every equite rank is an order derivative: Guardian (G), Sentinel (S) and Consular (C). Only Sith and Sentinel can cause problems since the derivate letter is S in both cases.

The next letters indicate the actual rank: SW -> SBM -> SBL -> SWL KP -> KAP -> KE -> KPN OT -> OP -> OE -> OPM SS -> SR -> SSH -> SWM GD -> GW -> GP -> GBM CSV -> CSE -> CCH -> CCL

Or to make it easier: Ranks

...thanks Ood. But uh.. no shit? :P

I propose another new SA Course: Lightside Ranks :P

I'm still getting my head around new Obelisk ranks, lol

Revert the Obelisk ones to the original ones so we get DJP back...

Obelisk ranks are easy/make sense. Sith ones all sound the same, and Krath have something called a KrAP. Just saying :P

Warlord > Primarch. End.

See, I was thinking Cranial Cruciate Ligament....maybe I've just done too many orthopaedic ops recently...

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