House Galeres Quaestor and Aedile Joint Report


House Galeres Quaestor and Aedile Joint Report

header header Galerens: this is it. The end of our seemingly endless war is upon us. It has been long, and it has been harrowing. We were presented with an unprecedented challenge, and required to give our all in facing it. We conquered some battles; and we lost others. We grew tired, and wondered when these trials would be over. Now, that final battle stands before us. Let us come together, defeat it, and be victorious once and for all...

We are looking at the next chapter of the Dark Crusade, the ‘’final stage’’, to take place in November (first week? second?) We’ve had a nice break, but now it’s time to prove ourselves once more, for the last time. In our last battle, we managed to win. With the current standings, this means that going into this stage, we are ‘’tied with Plagueis’’. What does this mean for Arcona and you?

It means it’s time to fight. Gear up, people. Get ready. One more time. Let’s give it our all, and get it done. This Crusade’s been hard; but we can walk away the champions.

Otherwise, we have a few reports out since our last report, from the MAA Office, the Voice Office, Muz, and the Fist Office. We would strongly recommend that you give them a read over to check what is going on in the overall scale of the Brotherhood.

House News:

A quick call going out to everyone at the moment who is not in a Battleteam: there is space in your current Battleteams and they are open to you. If you want to get involved in a group and keep working hard with others, all you have to do is email Cethgus, Atty, and/or the Battleteam Leaders. You just need to make sure that you continue to work hard and expand within these closely knit groups should you join.

(Oh, and we have a mailing list. Who knew?)

Competitions News:

Some of the competitions we mentioned last report that were run during the break are closing up--keep a look out for their results! Others are still active, and will be for a few more days (up until the ‘end of the month’). Besides that, we’ve got more large-scale (time-wise) competitions running on both the Clan and DB-wide level, so check them out too! Lastly, Deimos has a fun little Halloween comp going for the next few days, and Erno’s got one for any HQD-ers out there. Give them some love too.

All comps can be found on the Competitions page, but here’s a few:

Communications (ARC) Caption Contest (ARC) It’s What Gets the People Goin! (HQD) Halloween Invitations! (ARC)

header We haven't seen that many medals since our last report, but not to worry. There will be plenty of opportunity for you all to get medals with the upcoming Dark Crusade round. Work hard, and you will get your due reward. Just remember that this is the last phase, and we need to make this count. The following medals have been given out since our last report:


  • Dark Cross x1


  • Pendant of Blood x1

header We have seen more promotions come through lately and would like to give a huge congratulations to everyone who earned a promotion since our last report. Remember, if you put in the time and effort, we will always reward you or your hard work--it’s been the basic principle of this club since either of us joined. So with that being said, an especial well-done to Uji on his storming the Equite ranks, to Anigrel for reaching Dark Jedi Knight, and to our eager newcomers! The following people have been elevated up a rank since our last report:


  • DJK to ‘OT’


  • JH to DJK


  • INT to NOV

header It’s been quiet on break between rounds, but we’ve still seen some activity in the Shadow Academy. These courses were completed:


  • Grammar Studies


  • Dark Maven: Leadership
  • Vendetta 1: Foundation
  • Vendetta 2: Submission
  • Vendetta 3: Fiction and Graphics Tips
  • Dark Pundit - Vendetta


People come and go, and we’ve seen quite a few new faces in Arcona recently. Here’s an update on the Galeren end of things:

JH Seren Puer-Irae into Galeres

NOV Kookimarissa joins Galeres

header -Stu- Yo, so just another friendly call from your Quaestor, as always I have an open door so just feel free to hit me up on IRC and Email, if you want work or just want a chat any of it to be honest I will make sure that I am able to help you to the best of my ability, as well as the rest of my summit will be able to help assist you. We are here to make your time in the Brotherhood more enjoyable so just make sure if you need anything you let us know. With the next round of the Dark Crusade fast approaching I would to focus on that people and make sure that we put all our efforts into getting the work done.

-Abb- Normally, I’d talk about how Stu and I are here for you, but you already know that. I’m addressing this instead: I know you’re all pretty done with the Crusade by now, or just don’t see a point anymore. Rise above that attitude. Be better than the damn grind this has been. Go out and kick some ass instead of rolling over and going “meh” while all your effort so far gets wasted. It’s our last fight, and then ‘this is over’. Another DC is unlikely to happen. Make some history and take some pride in it! We’re proud of all that you guys have done so far, and no matter how this round turns out, we’ll still be glad to say we did it with you; so make this event mean something to you, even if it’s just to say you didn’t waste your time.


Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae Quaestor of House Galeres

Atyiru Caesus Entar Aedile of House Galeres

Kick ass :)

Great report, Galeres!

This report didn't have nearly enough mentions of Trouty do it over!

Report addendum:

  • Troutrooper did stuff?

End addendum.

So demanding. Well, if the people want more Trout, they'll get more Trout next time. :P

Trout goes blub?

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