Hergen Rergen Lergen Dergen, Bork Bork Bork


Hergen Rergen Lergen Dergen, Bork Bork Bork

It's never easy to replace a person who has been in a job for such a long time that they made it their own. It's been a pain, looking for a replacement Herald. Thankfully, several talented people stood up and answered the call.

After some deliberation, Raken and I have decided to call on Orv to take up the mantle of Herald. He is a pretty outstanding member who has had a history of doing good works with the club. He was Seneschal for a great term several years ago, and his distinctive painted art style will be awesome to see in use on official things like the headshot selector, comic work, and the possessions system.

I am certain you can expect a report from him as he gets settled in. Please give him a little slack as he acclimates to the new office. He does have to work with me directly, after all.

Have Fun!

I am so deeply in love with Orv. My heart shall eternally sing his praises.

Congratulations, Orv!



1) Congrats Orv!

2) Moar panda images? :P

The great Borker of Borking returns! Win sauce!

yay Orv!

Congrats, Orv!


weee! Congrats!

The Orv has returned! Congrats!

What I learned from this post: 1. Orv is Herald. Congrats, orv. 2. Muz had a stroke. Poor Muz.

Congratulations, Orv! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.


Congrats Orv.

Now, as is my tradition when it comes to Heralds, I shall anoint you with the battle cry of your people...

Dance gfx monkey! DANCE!

Orv > all


Orvy boy!

Grats Orvels! Didn't realize I was a soothsayer :P Looking forward to some awesome stuff!

I see Yacks is showing his famous dancing expertise again.

Bollywood and dancing aside, well done to Orv.

Wahoo! The borkinator is black! Er... is back! Huzzah for continued DB graphic sexiness!

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