Wiki - Clarification


Wiki - Clarification

There are 4 Custom Races in the DB, they are:

  • Heragan

  • Karanan

  • Shaevalian

  • Valheru

None of these have pages on our Wiki, the only one that you can find information for is the Valheru (which will have it's own page shortly).

Now I have no idea about these other 3 custom races, so your support in making these is greatly needed. There really is no point of having a custom race if no one can read about it or know anything about it except yourself and maybe a few people that read your stories or find the clues you leave in run-ons.

So please, if you have any knowledge of these races (I'm looking at you, the creators of said races) then help make articles about them.

And again, thank you for your support of the DJBWiki.

You can find information on these species here:

There's a link to each one that contains more detailed information. However, I do think it would probably look better if the "creators" put the information together themselves so that it appears more cohesive

Halc: What if a person is looking for a full history of the race? That's where teh Wiki comes in. The ACC is good for quick refrence on the race, but it would be a lot better if they had their own pages on the Wiki.


Again, they should be put up on the wiki, but since these are things created by someone specific, they should be the ones putting it up since they're the one who "created" it. We're only talking about the custom species. All other information on a Star Wars species can be found on the SW wiki. But currently, the ACC is the only place with information on these custom species, since that is where they had submitted the information for use

As far as Shaevalians, since they are my own creation, I have been planning on creating a Wiki page for them, and still am planning on doing so. It's just a matter of having the time to do so, at the moment. There is information on them in a basic form as provided by the ACC Compendium, which will have to suffice at the moment. But yes, I am planning on getting them taken care of as soon as I have the chance.

As for the Valheru, its a bit tricky since Arcona has the page for a moon called Valheru. I have the species description on my own character's Wiki for that reason. However, since I revamped most of my Wiki and had a nice fiction out detailing the species more, I have begun the construction of the Valheru's Planet Wiki.

On it I will also put the Species description. While we are on the topic, I think that it would be wise to have only the authors of the species edit the species pages. My biggest fear is that APP Numbnut will tag along, picking my species and screwing the whole thing up. So I would be happy if we would be protected from that.


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