The Old Republic - New Class Announced!


The Old Republic - New Class Announced!

For those of you who are interested - LucasArts/Bioware has announced another new playable class for The Old Republic, the Sarlacc Enforcer!. So if you've ever thought of playing as a huge, subterranean beast with epic teeth, now is your chance!

Obviously...April Fools. But if you're interested, the real list of Old Republic classes can be seen here:

Wait, it's a joke? But it was so convincing! Now I'm disappointed. :(

the best part is if you check out tactics... the third video. haha

They had WAY too much time on their hands. I personally liked the second video that best..strolling along on Tatooine and then SARLAAC..scream.

The third video owns all.

Kir can enforce my pit any day.

Say that again and you're fired, Taig.

Sarlaac Enforcer = hilarious, though, especially the videos

Gotta love the Jawas XD

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