Gaming Update/Mini report


Gaming Update/Mini report

(Sorry guys for bumping you all down)

Today begins round four of the Halo Reach Tournament. Its been one heck of a ride, and we're down to the finals.

For first and second place we have Jeric versus Araxis.

To determine who is third place, Vodo will be going up against Cethgus.

Good luck gentlemen.

Secondly, I'm going to announce a project that Cethgus and I were working on called Icon. Icon effectively brings Free For All and Matchmaking, as supported Match Types.

Rules for FFA

Rules for Matchmaking

As of right now, everything has to be done manually, meaning if you participate in these kinds of matches, send me and Cethgus an email with a screenshot of each of the matches you partake in, and these can awarded.

Third, tomorrow is a Training Day for gaming, before Sunday being the final double CF day of the month.

Finally, I will not be around on Monday/Tuesday due to real life reasons, and will have no internet to ensure that all CF's played on Monday will be awarded. Cethgus will try to get them all but he does have to sleep some time since he does live in England.

I'll get to everything else on late Tuesday night, Wednesday morning.

Like always, if you got any questions hit me up in an email, gchat, or irc.


Also, I've had this for a while too:

all I gotta say is, no matter the outcome, more gaming glory to HNS! Although I'd love to three-peat in this tourny hahaha

Not that victory in a non-SW game means anything. JO > Reach. :P

Uh... how about no? All games hold equal value and weight so long as they are supported, thats how it works.

Araxis is right. It doesn't matter what kind of game you play, activity and effort still count.

I'm sorry, you're both wrong. There's a moral-component. JO, no Force, Bryars only > EVERYTHING. Period. about Araxis and Kal realize that Lenzar was joking, so there's no need to get your DMRs in a bunch. Yeah, all supported games are equal value, but to a vet like Lenzar, I can see where he'd think that a Star Wars game in a Star Wars fan organization, would be better. It's not, but there's no need to go "z0mg"

How about ya'll just game? :P

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