TOR Pre-Order


TOR Pre-Order

As it says. Pre-Orders are available for TOR.

Personally I'm going with the Collector's Edition with all the fun stuff it includes.

Also, once you pre-order, register your Pre-Order Code on the TOR website. It'll help us with launching the guild on day 1. :)

It's lovely to wake up to seeing this. ;)


dont want to preorder with out knowing how much it will be pre month..... any idea on that price?

If I had to wager a guess, it'd probably be around the $15 a month mark. That's a pure guess though.

They won't charge more than WoW, their biggest competitor. Would be bad business otherwise.

On that note..ORDERD, Collectors edition :D


Wrong window, can that be deleted? :P

you would hope that it wouldnt be more then 15 but who knows. I guess I will wiat on ordering it until we know.

Too much money for me i'm afraid. A poor, moneyless student. :P

Any idea of what kind of computer you need to be able to run this game? If you can run WoW decently, should we be able to run SWTOR?

I think I recall them saying somewhere that if you can play WoW, you'll be able to play TOR, yeah.

The current Minimum System Requirements have been announced as well, but it's a tad large for the comments section.

This link should take you to the Technical section of the Pre-order FAQ where they're given.

I've just put down my own Pre-Order for the Collector's Edition. The Gamestop near my work in Toronto just got the details on the Pre-Order, so any looking for the CE in Canada may want to go today to ensure you are able to get your own copy of it

You can count me in for being a Day 1'er, got my CE pre-order in today as well.

I figure the game is within the 2-3 month mark of being released, if not sooner. MMO Pre-orders have never been longer than that.

You lucky bastards. I got all excited when I saw this a day or two ago. Then I found out we in NZ aren't allowed to pre-order and we aren't even going to be able to play from day one.

BioWare: Killer of dreams :P

I feel so bad for you dude.

On the bright side, NZ is an awesome place outside the computer, right? >_>

I remember somewhere on the TOR forums saying that even if you were in the Oceanic region, you could still get the game just that you'd have to play on a NA or Euro server ... now I'm not suggesting that as your Latency would basically kill the experience for you altogether, but if your really wanting to play it that badly, then it's something worth looking into.

You will be able to; though latency will range between 450-800 for NA, 620-1028 for EU. (Based off of other games that support cross-national support)

Normal range for good play is 650ms~ roughly, anything above that makes it start to get uneven and unplayable. Global Cooldown on abilities is the saver when it comes to someone playing at 20-30ms compared to someone at 400ms.

Just pre-order the NA version, and you can DL the client when Early Access starts; then when the game arrives to you you'd already be in. :)

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