End of my Era


End of my Era

As I’m sure you have all noticed, my presence in the Dark Brotherhood over the last six months has been dramatically lower than ever before. While I have continued to monitor major issues, my attention to detail has been rapidly slipping as I am required to dedicate more and more time to medical school. This was an inevitability I discussed with Muz and Halc before I began classes – and unfortunately it has come to a head earlier than I anticipated.

I have had to honor to follow in the steps of Yacks and Firefox as Justicar of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for the last five years. It has been a challenging, entertaining, and satisfying position – one I have greatly enjoyed. The Chamber of Justice was extremely busy during my first two years of service, with numerous trials and countless minor matters. Yet in the three years since then, I am happy to say that our complaints, trials, and other issues have dropped off dramatically. I am proud of our membership, and I believe our group maintains the highest standards for any online organization of its like. The Dark Covenant is a document unlike any other found in fan organizations such as ours, and it has served us well. I am confident the next Justicar and his Chamber will continue to ardently defend the Covenant, and maintain the integrity of our Brotherhood.

Therefore, I hereby resign from the office of Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. I thank each and every one of you for your efforts over the years, as many of you have done your utmost to make my job easier in every way. Thank you all.


1) Bye Kir. Rubs.

2) Kir for OFH!

3) Dibs on Justicar.

Kir, thank you for everything you've done. Your diligence has done nothing but improve this club, from your work as Justicar to your work on the Great Jedi Wars. The fact that you have dealt with some of the most notorious troublemakers in the Brotherhood says a lot, and as result, we're all better off. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors in medical school. We'll all miss you.

Seeing as how my first comment wa a placeholder for it...I'll just go and say Dibs on JST. So yeah... to front of the line it goes. :P

Also, lest we all forget:

Kir is gay.

Thank you, Kir, for your tremendous work over the past five years. You've been one of the pillars of this club, and we'll all miss you while you're in medical school. Don't forget to drop in every now and then when you graduate!

Also, Kir is gay.

Tarax, you're an ass.

Kir, thanks for the long service. It's appreciated that you hung in there as long as you did, and a credit that you know when to step away. Best wishes on that MD and all that will come after.

Take it easy Kir. Thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks for everything you have done for the DB Kir. You will be missed. While we had no real trials it was great being your RHoJ. Good luck with Med School!

I can still remember our fist interaction over AIM. You told me not to call you Lord, or Master, or anything like that! I want you to know Kir that I count you as one of my biggest influences in this club. For many years I modeled my leadership in Taldryan after your example. I've done my best to pass those traits on to the next generation. But your impact doesn't end with Taldryan. You've done more than any other Justicar in clarifying, upholding, and making accessible the Dark Covenant. I would like to thank you for the time and effort you've sacrificed to the Brotherhood for many years. Enjoy your convalescence in OFH.

Also, Kir is Gay.

Many years ago (apparently 3) we bumped heads and did so a few times over the years, mainly because I'm an opinionated oaf. But you still gave me the opportunity to serve as your Left Hand of Justice (which I have now, for almost a year). I haven't able to interact with you much, but I will always remember those conversations we have had. You brought a stable process to this organization backed by real legal philosophy and your mark will likely remain on this club in perpetuity.

Kir is, and always shall be, gay

<3 Kir long time

Thank you for all your time here making sure rules are followed. Have fun at medical school!!!!!!

Phenomenal effort. Enjoy med school Kir!

Kir, all that needs saying is that the DB is losing a damn fine Justicar and the world is getting one hell of a doctor. =D

I'm officially making Kir my doctor... just not for Prostate exams. :P. You've been a helluva guy to work along side with and I wish you the best of luck with everything!

I'm being censored! My first amendment right is being threatened! I won't be silenced by the tyrannical authorities! Kir is gay!

Thank you, Kir. Here's to many happy returns after you have yourself a solid career and a little more free time.

...but mostly for prostate exams, right? :P

Well done oh great and wise former bossman.

F. I need to check DB.com more often. Tremendous job, Kir. Many thanks.

Has it really been five years? Wow... it's scary how quickly time flies. I still remember the day when FF retired and Jac was searching for a replacement; I flat out told him it wasn't a job I'd be interested in. The grief, the aggro, the dealing with some of the worst of people? No, just no. I wanted to pull up a bar stool and get drunk like all Sadow oldtimers do (but for the small catch of me not drinking :P).

Kir, it's truly a testament to your character that you've not only stood fast through such a vast stretch of time that most people would gawk at (a period longer than many people have even been members!).

As a club, it shows how much we've really come on a long way from the time before the Exodus back when someone sitting in the same job for five years would have gone to their head. Like you said yourself, the way we've evolved really does lift the DB above the other online communities I've been a part of -- and that's been in no small part thanks to your time on the bench.

While like the word "epic", the word "thanks" may have become somewhat hollow with how freely it's sometimes thrown about on the net, in this case thanks truly are what you deserve. Like FF before you, you've left some mighty big shoes to fill, and I certainly don't envy Muz and Halc the herculean task they now face in finding the next JST. Enjoy your retirement, Kir; you've more than certainly earned it.

(And before Tarax suggests it: I don't think Kir's going to go with the name Darth Gay :P)

....I suggested Darth Kir Is Gay. :P

Good luck in med school. Thanks for all the fish :)

It will be hard to find a successor I guess.

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