Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - August 2012


Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - August 2012

**Bridge of the Final Way

Sepros Orbit, Orian System


A hushed tone fell over the occupants of the Final Way's bridge as Locke stood alone at it's main view port, looking down across the curvature of Sepros. Even from this angle, the scars of battle were apparent. Large swathes of forest had been completely burned away along the enemy's invasion path, punctuated by two massive craters where their rivals had bombarded a landing zone in hasty retreat. One crater was much larger, smoke still rising from it's center where, in their haste to escape, House Plagueis had crashed one of their own star destroyers into the planet surface rather than allow what was left of it to fall into the Sadowans' hands.

Locke smiled. Their enemies had come here seeking to plunder the vault of the Heirs of Sadow, and they had lost more than they gained. No doubt they had found Sepros a much more hostile world than they had previously anticipated. Not only because of the Dark Jedi who made it their throne world, but also because of secrets not even the Sadowans knew.

Even now, more of those secrets were coming to light.

Walking back along the observation area, Locke nodded to one of his DSOG bridge officers. "What of the structures the bombardment uncovered?"

"They are in poor condition on the surface, " the officer said, speaking in hushed tones, "but our analysis indicates that they are extensive. If we could break through, we may be able to find lesser damaged ruins underneath."

"Good, " Locke said, "keep this a secret. I will personally appoint someone to oversee the excavation."

As the officer saluted and departed, Locke pondered just what they might find for a moment, before turning his attention to other matters. Though they had repelled the invaders, the fact remained that the Sadowan forces had been heavily outnumbered and outgunned while their enemies had remained allies.

"Deceit and diplomacy can only win so many battles before a test of brute force is necessary, wouldn't you say, Admiral?" Locke said, addressing Admiral Simonetti, the non-Foxtrot Uniform commander of Sadow's fleet.

"I'd say that's an accurate assessment, Sir."

"Then we must begin to look for a solution at once. I must convene with my associates in private."

"Of course, "the Admiral replied. He took command of the bridge as Locke headed for a private briefing room. There was much to be done.

First of all, there's actually been quite a few reports and other news postings lately, so I suggest you read them. Even if they're not directly about CNS, they are pretty informative about the 'Brotherhood as a whole. That's why they're on the front page!

Well, the feud is over, and I have to say CNS did pretty well. I really enjoyed the Runon, (which we won!), and saw a lot of fun and interesting entries. The final week is still being judged as we speak, but we'll have the results out as soon as that's finished. Then we can move on to other stuff!

We've also received a lot of insightful thoughts in the survey we released last week. If you haven't already taken that, please do so, as it really helps the Summit out a lot. We'll be looking at what people say and discussing it as a Summit so we can make future events and things even more fun for everyone!

In other news, Horizons is coming up in a month or so, but all we really know about it is that it's the next big vendetta involving all the Clans and Houses, but we'll keep you posted. We're also planning something new to do over the Horizon after Horizons, but it's in the very early planning stages, so we can't say much about that yet.

Hey, while we're here, we're always open to ideas. The survey helps a lot, but if you feel like you have an idea and just want to share it, feel free to contact any of the Summit members. We listen, and if we use your idea, you'll get credit for it.

Before and during the feud, we had some nice elevations and awards. Atra, Kalia, and Kairus were all elevated to the rank of Equite One, that's Templar, Warrior, and Templar, respectively. Mirado was elevated to Prelate, and Methyas to Exarch.

Meanwhile, Goat got an SC, because he's awesome like that.

Congratulations again guys, you're really great people who I'm proud to work with!

Also, Kalia is now a Magistrate to the MAA, which you may or may not have noticed in your CF awards or what not. It's always nice to see CNS members branching out to help the whole DJB.

Sort of a really short report this time, but there's just not a lot more to say. Things are going well, stuff is happening, and people are movin' on up!

TL;DR (really???):

  • Feud is complete, last week awards still in progress

  • Atra, Kalia, Kairus, Mirado, and Methyas promoted, deep breath, and Goat gets an SC

  • Kalia becomes M:MAA

For Naga Sadow!

You certainly got off scot-free from a massive, consequential crash resulting in vast destruction on your planet, didn't you? :P

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