Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - September 2012


Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - September 2012

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The first thing I’m going to talk about does not directly apply to Naga Sadow, but just happened so I’m going to include it here first. Tra’an Reith earned himself a Grand Cross of the Dark Side for his work on the Summer Invasion feud between Naga Sadow, Plagueis, and Scholae Palatinae. Everyone should join me in thanking him for all the work he did on this feud! Thanks T’R.

Now, onto the report...

Consul’s Office Sepros, Orian System 36 ABY

As usual, Locke’s office was dark. He stood, remote in hand, and thumbed a button. Five holographic beings sprung to life from floor-to-ceiling holoemitters around him. Locke nodded to the Summit one by one, making sure that the channel was working for each one.

First, he nodded to Atra, the Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan, and one of the main leaders of Dlarit’s ground forces. “How are our troops doing, Atra?”

The hologram of the Templar shimmered as he spoke. “We’re back up to full numbers. After our perceived liberation of Kel Rasha, much of the population was eager to defend their homes. It wasn’t difficult to find willing soldiers there. Roxas and Kairus are putting them through maneuvers, making sure they’re ready for combat as soon as possible.” The image of Kairus nodded slightly, as if it confirm.

“Good, “ Locke nodded. He turned to the Ragnosian Quaestor next. “Kalia, what have you got?”

“SHADOW will know if either of the two Houses who attacked us try anything again. Currently, all reports indicate that they have retreated to their respective systems to lick their wounds. They shouldn’t be troubling us any time soon.”

“I want to know if there is even a remote indication if they do.”

“Of course, “ Kalia replied. She seemed slightly offended that SHADOW may not succeed.

“Very well, “ Locke said, turning in a slow circle in the middle of the holograms. “We are up to our former strength again, but we must go beyond on that. This feud has proven that we cannot rely on being the home of the Grand Master as a shield. Clan Naga Sadow must be ready to stand on it’s own, against any threat that challenges us. We cannot assume that the Dark Council will show up to protect us, nor that they have a Grand Plan with which to save us in the event of an assault.”

“We cannot conjure a new army or ships out of thin air, “ Teu cut in.

“Maybe we need to seek allies elsewhere, “ Methyas added quietly.

“Correct, both of you.“ Locke said, “and there are other avenues. The warriors of Clan Naga Sadow have weathered battle after battle, and with each one, we prove that we deserve the mantle passed down to our Overlord by Naga Sadow.”

This will be a relatively short report, since Horizons is very soon. I hope you’re all ready!

I want to recognize the awards CNS members earned because of the feud. First, Atra and Goat both earned Steel Crosses! They not only tied for entering the most events, but were general badasses as well, Goat being the overall highest scorer in the feud and Atra driving the Runon really well. Awesome job guys, keep it up!

Next, Kalia, Roxas, and Masika got Anteian Crosses. These guys had a lot of participation and did really well. Good work!

Finally, Bob, Tibs, Kairus, Mirado, Malik, and Godarrow all got Dark Crosses for their efforts, nice job guys!

If you’re wondering how to get your name on this list, the solution is simple: Enter more competitions! The more you enter, the more you place, the more you get awarded. It’s that simple!

Other than that, we have plans for beyond Horizons, but I don’t want to go too into detail and detract from it, so those are on hold. There’s a couple of big projects that have been on hold recently because of things like the feud that we’d like to work on, which will involve everyone who wants to participate or help in some way.

That’s it for this report. There’s no tl;dr because it’s very short, and honestly, why wouldn’t you read it?!


For Naga Sadow!

This is the moment in which I remind you that there is a huge smoking crater on your home planet that should be causing serious repercussions to your clan proceedings.

But maybe I'm too much of a stickler for realism and continuity in fiction. :P

It's our new open air pool area :P

What sanitation methods do you use for your swimming water?

Excessive amounts of chlorine.

Oh. Well, that was predictable.

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