Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - March 2013


Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report - March 2013

Howdy folks,

It's that time again. There's going to be some stuff about Khar Delba, some stuff about awesome people, and some stuff about upkeep and a note on what's coming up. It's the Clan Naga Sadow Consul Report!

As noted in my previous report, we use a topic for official fiction updates now so you don't have to scroll through them to get to my actual report. (Was anyone even reading them?)

There's no new fiction this month because our fiction is a work in progress. Seriously, do you know how hard it is to keep a group of Krath Scholars on task? You tell them to work on one thing and...well, I really shouldn't bad mouth my own people too much. They're awesome.

Regardless, here's the topic if you would like to subscribe: Naga Sadow Summit Fiction Updates

That way you will instantly know when there's new stuff for your reading pleasure.

So...Khar Delba. Well, that was fun. Plagueis still won because, well, they're badass. I'm gritting my teeth, but it's true. :P

We're pretty slick ourselves though. You guys showed a massive increase in determination and activity this time around. We fielded five Runon teams and had a whole heck of a lot of entries. And ALL of those Runon teams finished. Somewhere out there, your Proconsul is crying with pride right now, I'm close to it myself.

Oh, and as far as I can tell, you guys placed in more competitions than any other unit on either planet. Great work.

Everyone who participated was a valuable member of our cause and I want to thank you. We literally could not be the Clan we are today without your participation. Not just that, but your enthusiasm and attitude is wonderful. I'm extremely proud to be a member of Clan Naga Sadow.

Below, I'd like to recognize those who placed at Khar Delba.

First, in the Runon, we had two teams place. Team Lance, consisting of Sildrin, Goat, Shirai, Yuriko, Amagon, and Ylith took home a Silver Nova. Team Prime, consisting of Mirado, Atra, Kalia, Mirus, and Syntari earned a Bronze Nova for their Runon.

I'd like to give a special shoutout here to our Journeymen: Yuriko, Amagon, and Syntari. Phenomenal work on placing in your first Runon competition!

We had a clean sweep in fiction this time around! Goat took the gold, I got the silver, and Malik took third. Who knew Malik could write fiction?

Speaking of Malik, he got the gold nova for the Shadow Academy course as well, and Kalia placed fifth! Nice job!

Personally, I was banging my head against a wall for a good ten minutes, so I'm sure that didn't help my chances...

In graphics, Sildrin got a silver nova, Sanjuro got bronze, and Mayda took 5th place!

In gaming, Mirus kicked ass and got a gold nova. Atra managed fifth. Which is pretty good, but come on Atra, you let Mirus beat you this time? :P

And...oh, that's all the comps. I think it's time for a separator graphic, but first, one more acknowledgement:

The Khar Delba Battlefield Report was fackin' awesome! Great job to the guys who pulled that together!

There's one last important thing I would like to announce. Malik, our beloved Neti, has been made a Son of Sadow once again. He is everything a paragon of Sadow should be: Determined, dedicated, cocky...well, not so much that last one. Congratulations again, Malik!

We're currently in the progress of hashing out awards for the Crusade, but it will be done soon. Keep an eye out for a special report from me when that happens.

We also took all of our earned fleet points and banked them. This is so we can have enough to spend on more stuff later on. So that's why you haven't heard about that yet.

So what's next?

The Independence Games are next. If you haven't heard already, these are a series of small to medium-sized competitions designed to not take very long and to be really fun. There will be a lot of them, and this will be more about personal accomplishment than unit accomplishment, but I still encourage you all to participate. You never know what you'll win! ;)

And that's all I have this time. Keep on being you, Naga Sadow. I can't wait to see what the future brings!

  • Locke

The keyword here is "let", oh Consul... Gotta let the little ones get their shineys or they get disheartened :p

I may not be so giving next time.

Whatever, bro, I will crush your nuts with my convict fist.


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