EA Confirms Upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Game


EA Confirms Upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Game

EA has announced at E3 that they will be relaunching the Star Wars Battlefront franchise!

Click here for more information, including a trailer and screenshots!

If they can do anything like what they did with Battlefield (It's a DICE production, under EA) this should be very interesting. It's always a battle with SW Shooters to have blaster rifles, but avoid the laser shots looking too much like GI Joe :P

Hell yes! Finally a new MP game!

Now this is something I'm EXCITED to see

This looks awesome. Can't wait.

Please be for the 360 and not the only the XBOX One

Probably gonna be on PS4 and PC as well.

cant wait for this to come.

Nah, the 360 is being phased out, fast. Going to get this on my PC as soon as it comes out.

This is extremely exciting news, especially given the talent of the guys at DICE (Battlefield for the win) and the bankroll of EA. Love it.

Thanks for the heads up, Mav!

Space battles or gtfo.

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