Consul Report


Consul Report

Greetings Clan Tarentum,

Obviously, much has transpired in the past few weeks. This will be my first Clan Report as Consul [so give me a break. ;) ], and of course we have our new Proconsul, Sith Battlemaster Proton, who is already hard at work helping me to organize. I'd like to thank all of you for your patience and support with these recent transitions.

Clan Membership:

Many promotions this week, and hopefully many more to come from activity in the Clan Competition. Keep it up, Tarentum.

With the recent DB wide AWOL check, all of our houses have suffered a few losses. We wish those people well and thank everyone who is still here and faithfully working with your Clan and Houses.


Dark Jedi Knight Kidouses to Krath Priest

Dark Jedi Hunter Telona Murrage to Dark Jedi Knight

Dark Jedi Hunter Wil Striker to Dark Jedi Knight and Aedile of House Tridens

Dark Jedi Hunter Dax Corrin to Dark Jedi Knight

Guardian Hades to Dark Jedi Hunter

Guardian SickMan to Dark Jedi Hunter

Acolyte Phedra to Protector

Acolyte Praiv to Protector

Acolyte Koyi Komad to Protector

Acolyte Ace Hobbes to Protector

Acolyte Vortoq to Protector

Acolyte Vonnegut to Protector

Acolyte Murkrow Defender to Protector


Sith Battlemaster Proton awarded a Steel Cross:

Outstanding service to House Tridens and Clan Tarentum as a whole. Proton has put forth a consistently grand effort to keep his House alive and active with various competitions. His assistance to the leaders of Tarentum has been invaluable and he is an asset to the Clan.

Clan Activities:

Chronicles of the Mist: A Clan Tarentum Competition:

This will have five events for each House, with one battle team specific event, open events for any house, and a 'grand finale', if you will, at the conclusion of the competition. I have posted the details of the first event for each house on the site. From there, you can also access some abbreviated versions of the Clan/House Histories for reference guides, should you need them during the course of the competition.

Important Note:

~ Each house has two weeks to complete Event I. Thus, the deadline -

November 9, 2001. Before 11:59pm EST. ~

I've posted all the information(almost) for the competition to this site:

Also, the medals to be awarded will be Bronze Scrolls/War Crosses, depending on your order. And of course, those members who show exceptional effort and work in the competition may be up for some higher medals and/or promotions.

Clan Tarentum Archives:

I'm currently working on Archives to include on the Tarentum site. Though I haven't linked it to the site just yet, I currently have up several house/clan projects, but as far as individual, I don't have much. Anyone with something they would like me to include in the archives, please send them on over. And, yes, Sith and Obelisk can submit as well. ;)

House Reports:

  • House Tridens of Clan Tarentum -


Greetings Tridens,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the following elevation.

Congratulations to GRD Sickman who has been chosen and elevated to the

position of CMDR in Sub-Zero Squadron! Sicky, as he is affectionately known

to many of us, has demonstrated great leadership capability within the DB in

the past, and has agreed to bring new life and activity into Sub-Zero.

Congratulations GRD Sickman!!

I have also taken the liberty of elevating PRT Murkrow Defender to the

position of Flight III Flight Leader in Sub-Zero. I am aware of his

leadership capabilities, and while still a bit raw, he is quite adapt at

promoting both communication and activity in a flight group. Congratulations

PRT Defender on your recent elevation!!

I am also awaiting the final answer from a veteran member in filling the

other open FL position in Sub-Zero. I anticipate his answer will be yes, but

until such time he will be placed into Sub-Zero as a FM.

Ok, now with that out of the way, I have some follow-up news for those that

have been anxiously awaiting the reopening of Hammerhead Squadron! In the

next two to three days the new House QUA will be announced. At that time

Hammerhead will be officially reactivated, and then the all remaining Sith

pilots who have not yet been assigned a squadron will be placed into

Hammerhead. At this time I am encouraging applications for anyone interested

in becoming the CMDR of Hammerhead. I anticipate having someone chosen by

the time the squadron is reactivated and thereby allowing Tridens to prepare

its Battle Teams for competition!

I suggest everyone visit the Clan Tarentum Message Board. On it you will

find updated information on the recently announced Clan Comp, and a link to

the URL where all relevant materials for the Comp resides. I also encourage

everyone who hasn't yet to register with the MB service. This will help aid

us in tracking each member's activity on the MB's within Clan Tarentum, and

therefore award future medals based on this activity, as well as other

activity relating to flight, mission creation, fiction, etc.

I want to thank everyone for their patience while House Tridens works

through this latest phase of command changes. It is going to be worth the

wait to see what happens next!


In darkness....

DJK Wil Striker

  • House Gladius of Clan Tarentum -

Greetings, Gladius!

Time to try out this interesting new "online reporting." A good week for us; you should all be proud of yourselves on how we're doing in the MML! We're in fourth place right now, and thats good.. we can still get up there, though. For complete standings, go to..

Promos! Yes, thats right. Gladius promoted several people last week.

DJK Kidouses to KP

JH Telona to DJK

GRD Hades to JH

ACO Praiv to PRT

ACO Phedra to PRT

Congratulations, all. I hope after Ciara's clan comp I can hand out some more promotions and some nice shiny medals!

Competitions! Two main ones going on right now..

MML, of course. The scenario for this week is enclosed, and if you feel you really need a clue, just email me so that I can email Mairin.

Also, the new Clan competition, which promises a good deal of fun. If you didn't get the email for the link to the website, it is at

All for now, I think. If there's anything else, you'll be sure to get an email from me

  • KP Aari Nikus (Krath)/QUA/Gladius of Tarentum, DC-KC/(BNAg)/(LSAu)

  • House Cestus of Clan Tarentum -

Cestus bids a final farewell to Obelisk Warrior Gryffon, and officially begins their search for a new Quaestor. [That's right - you can begin sending applications now.] We'll miss you Gryffon, if you have the time, come back to us - I hear some weird stuff about those rogues. =P

I'd like everyone to welcome Cestus' newest member: Obelisk Battlemaster Zsinj, who transferred into Cestus as I was writing. ;) He has alot of experience and I'm sure he'll be a great help in rebuilding our Obelisk House.

As far as the Clan Competition. . . Cestus! This is for you. . . you currently have one event running at the moment, which is a fiction submission. But thanks to the efforts of Protector Ziguarath, the next events should be related more closely to the works of Obelisk. So stay tuned. ;)

Also, if any others have specific ideas on what they'd like to see in events of the comp or ideas for restoring the house in general, please send a mail to myself and Proton.

Remember - recruit! It's hard to have a 1on1 competition with such small numbers. ;)

I'll be getting with the summit leaders of each house within the next week to make sure everything is running smoothly and helping where I can. As far as the new Quaestor of Tridens, this will be announced within the week.

Darkness guide,

··•· † ·•··

C.i.a.r.a M.a.y.a T.e.a.r.n.a.n R.o.t.h.w.e.l.l

KAP Ciara Tearnan (Krath)/M:KHP/CON/Tarentum,


  • Queenie Mystic -

.."Under the tongue root a fight most dread, and another raging, behind, in the head"..


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