Consul Report


Consul Report


I apologize for the delay in this report, got caught up in a few things. Anyway, everything has run fairly smooth this week. I have mailed all the house summits on the topic of things I'd like to see in their individual reports - so we'll see how that worked. ;) - Remember, I like house reports in before Sunday, so reports within those reports (i.e., battle teams) try and make it a habit of getting those in to your Quaestors before then as well.

Clan Archives. Still just lingering there - so for your second invitation. . .mail anything you've ever written that is DB related to me and I'll have it up in the archives as soon as possible.

Communication is a wonderful thing, and we all are aware of email, IRC, aim, etc. But please remember the Clan Message Board is also a great place to get with other members of the clan. As for incentive.. the MB is 'monkey-free' as long as people keep it active. And Gladius. . . Cestus posts more than you! >:P

Chronicles of the Mist:

This is the last report before the end of Event I. All entries must be received before midnight (11:59pmEST) on November the 9th. Yes, that is this Friday. Thus far, the number of submissions leave much to be desired. . .

On a note as far as the Sith battle goes, there has been one report that there is a bug that doesn't allow you to complete the battle. Proton has asked that you still submit the battle, and he will only base the scores on the missions before the bugged mission.

Open Events - Cestus, to help in the creation of your website, it has been asked that you use the graphics open event to create a graphic that deals specifically with Cestus so that those may hopefully be used on the site to come.

House Reports:

  • House Tridens of Clan Tarentum -

Greetings House Tridens,

Another week has come and gone, and many more changes took place within the

walls of our glorious House!

I would like to start by announcing the recent noteworthy elevations and

promotions that have taken place recently within House Tridens:

SBL NightFlyer (Sith)/AED/Tridens of Tarentum

JH Sickman (Sith)/Tridens of Tarentum and CMDR of Sub-Zero Squadron

PRT Murkrow Defender (Sith)/Tridens of Tarentum to CMDR of Hammerhead


Congratulations to all of these Sith brethren for their recent elevations

and promotions!!

Hammerhead Squadron

Some fine-tuning of the new DB database is still in the works. As a result

there are still some kinks to be worked on in regards to reactivating

Hammerhead Squadron, at least on the roster, back to full active status. At

this time however, PRT Defender as the newly appointed CMDR is now working

on making Hammerhead a new website, and will be announcing some new

competitions and activities for everyone in Hammerhead to take part in. So

while we work out the database kinks, it is my privilege to announce that

Hammerhead Squadron is now open for business!!

Sub-Zero Squadron Competition

JH Sickman announced the following inter-squadron competition for Sub-Zero

this week:

First my apologies, but I seemed to have lost the info for the first comp

that Sicky announced. So, with that I now post the details of SZ Comp #2 and

Comp 2 is TIE-DB Battle #11 – Black Dragon Rising, highest scorer will

receive a nice new medal from Sicky!

Comp 3 is XvT-DB Battle –2 – Rascar Political Disruption, again highest

scorer will receive a nice new medal from Sicky!

Deadline for both comps is November 29th, that’s plenty of time to fly them

both as it’s 4 weeks away. J

To your ships!

House News

AED on Leave

Our new AED, SBL Nightflyer, had to depart on leave for a short time. So

until he returns I will handle any and all House matters directly. However,

I encourage all Sith pilots to contact your CMDR’s before visiting my

office. You never know just what may be waiting if you arrive unannounced.


Squadron Reports

With the appointment of both CMDR’s now out of the way, I expect to have all

Squadron reports submitted to myself and the AED by Thursday of each week.

This will allow time for the AED and I to fine tune the House report and

submit it in time for the weekend.

Clan Tarentum Competition – Chronicles of the Mist

The Clan Comp is now underway, and the first Event ends on Nov. 9th! Here is

where you can find all the details pertaining to the competition:

I expect everyone in House Tridens to make every effort to participate to

their absolute fullest in this competition! Lets show the rest of the Clan

what House Tridens is capable of!! Make your QUA, AED, and CMDR’s proud!

House Tridens Message Board

I’d like to mention that we now have a fully working Message Board courtesy

of our Clan Consul! She took time to create this new board, and I encourage

everyone in House Tridens to utilize it for communication whenever possible.

It is in your best interest to visit it often since I will not be making a

habit of sending out mid-week updates and reminders on matters. So best to

visit this when you can so that you can keep up on the latest House news and

gossip! ;)

For those of you who still don’t know your way around the DB database or

roster, here is the URL for the Tridens MB:

Be sure and register through the main Clan Tarentum MB, otherwise you’ll

find out that your going to have a very unworthy nickname if you don’t on

our MB. Hehe

House Tridens Website

I am currently in the process of contacting SBM Proton to see about getting

the files from him and then putting them on a new account that I already

have. I’m sure he’ll allow us the use of the awesome site he already had for

Tridens! As soon as I have the files I will be doing a full update and

revise of it to include the recent changes and additions to House Tridens! J

That’s about all for this week. I am looking forward to seeing House Tridens

prosper and grow. I know with our combined efforts and activity that we will

succeed, and soon the entire DB will be talking about how exciting it is to

serve in this glorious House!!


In Darkness….

SW Wil_Striker (Sith)/QUA/Tridens of Tarentum


"Death is only the beginning!"

  • House Gladius of Clan Tarentum -

No report submitted this week. . .

  • House Cestus of Tarentum -

Obelisk Battlemaster Zsinj has been appointed as the new Quaestor of House Cestus. (Which means he gets to write his own report next week. ;p ) Ahem, I'm confident his skills and experience will be a tremendous help in rebuilding Tarentum's Obelisk. :)

And..Aedile applications will be taken as Quaestor Zsinj announces, which hopefully will be soon. ;)

All in all a good week. . . now get to work on the Competition, I expect floods of mail between now and Friday. >:P

Darkness guide,

··•· † ·•··

C.i.a.r.a M.a.y.a T.e.a.r.n.a.n R.o.t.h.w.e.l.l

KAP Ciara Tearnan (Krath)/M:KHP/CON/Tarentum,


  • Queenie Mystic -

..."Under the tongue root a fight most dread, and another raging, behind, in the head"..

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