Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

News from the Office of the Consul & Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow #10

Battlelord Xanos Goatham Zorrixor

30th March 2002


Well I dunno what happened to this, I sent it yesterday but it doesn't seem to have arrived, so here we go again...

The weeks been rather slow, Easter seems to have killed us a touch, though the release of Jedi Knight II looks to be going VERY well. The game has had a warm welcome, and though i'm not in a state quite yet to make a full review of the games engine I'm in a position to say that the games good, so go buy it, buy it now, stop wasting time reading my report and buy it! GO!

For those that have JK2 already or have just bought it, you may continue on :)

I'd like to recommend those with time make an Obelisk clone too, also i've not got too many objections to people going to Primus Goluud from Ludo Kressh or Marka Ragnos if they want, it needs more help, so i'd be happy to see it get some improvement.

Now, rant time...myself and the Consul are rather tired of the transfers which have occured over the last fortnight, Ludo Kressh has lost about six members due to these. I've request it to Ludo Kressh directly and now I'm requsting it here. Though I can't enforce this, don't expect us to be happy or overly thrilled when you request a transfer if you don't follow our orders. Remember, we have the power to deny your transfer requests...

All transfers are first to go through a member of the Clan Summit prior to being requested on the database. This is both an act of courtesy to ourselves and a betterment to the Clan, if you don't talk to us, we can't help you.


  • Jedi Knight II released, why are you reading this? Go buy it! Go and buy it now!!!

  • Quaestor Kratas removed from Quaestor of Primus Goluud for going AWOL, new Quaestor pending approval.


There are no new projects under development.


  • Dark Forge Academy Headmaster Report

    • Office of the Primus
  • News

The Elite Battleteam size has been increased to the standard twelve of any other Brotherhood Battleteam, as I said in a previous email, if you want to join then email me and i'll review your application.

  • Roster

    • Primus Xanos Goatham Zorrixor
    • Sith Inceptor Abel Malik
    • Sith Inceptor Carl Lost
    • Sith Inceptor DujHoD
    • Sith Inceptor TBA
    • Krath Inceptor Ghost Angel
    • Krath Inceptor Kant Lavar
    • Krath Inceptor Tomaas Banys
    • Krath Inceptor Dr. Fox
    • Obelisk Inceptor Glorfindel
    • Obelisk Inceptor Magus Lionheart
    • Obelisk Inceptor Thrawn Kratas
    • Obelisk Inceptor TBA
    • Office of the High Master
  • News

The numbers of Masters is reaching a...reasonable level, though I'd still like to see more. I'll be assigning Students in this coming week, though I'm not going to FORCE you on a Student, nor vice versa on a Master. I will present a list of Students, and a list of Masters to both sets, you may then pair up as you wish.

Bare in mind, I want to support NEW friendships, so with the program rather than being Master and Student friends, try to use it to make new friends and bolster the Clan community! :)

  • Office of the Headmaster

Since the system is already used in HLK this is not a concern of mine, just minor adjustments. It is however in need of being instituted into HPG and HMR, due to HPGs lack of a Quaestor I've held off starting it so that HMR and HPG can both advance at the same pace with the system. As soon as theres a QUA i'll be helping out the two houses with starting off using the system.


Well thats it, if you've got this far I guess you've got JKII already, if not go and buy it! Buy JK2! Buy it! Go, GO NOW!

'tis all for another week.


= Admiral Zorrixor, Command Attache to the Logistics Officer =

  • CA:LO/AD Xanos Goatham Zorrixor/CA-11/SSSD Sovereign

  • GS/SS/BSx8/PCx5/ISMx18 [LGNR]  
  • MoI-BC/MoT-2rh-6gh/LoC-PSx33/DFC/MoC-1SoC 1GoC  
  • CoS/CoL/CoB/LoA/OV-2E  
  • SBL Xanos Goatham Zorrixor (Sith)/PCON/Naga Sadow

  • SB/GCx2/SC-SoI/WR-PMx3/DC-KC-O-C-D/(BNG)/(BNB)/(LSB)/CoL  

  • Commander of the Black Guard, Primus of Naga Sadow  
  • Consul's Eyes  


  • [Officer-4th] [XA-A] [AoT-001]

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