Consul Report


Consul Report


  • The Clan Competition is now a week old and I see there has been a spur in activity in our Clan. Good job everyone who has participated so far and get your active those who havent done anything yet. The competition dead line has been extended by a week to the 23 of June. Also, the extra events are released so check it out at .

  • We say goodbuy to ACO Sandor Clegane (Sith), who went rogue because of RL commitments. Hope to see you back soon! We also say goodbye to GRD Selket Isis Entar (Sith), who transferred to House Galthain. Good luck Selket, you will be missed. This week we welocme NOV Fred (Obelsik) to House Galeres.

  • The Arcona Compendium has been updated. It is located on the Arcona Website, . Also, the Consuls Office is now in use, so if your interested who runs this Clan, look for my office on the Arcona website. .

Respectfully submitted,

FM-PROF/LC E. Tarkin/Scorpion 1-3/Wing XV/ISD Vanguard/ASF

GSx2/SS/BSx3/PCx9/ISMx20/MoT-2rh-2gh/IS-2BW-1GW/LoC-PSx370/DFC-SWx18/CoS/CoL/CoB/LoA/OV-2E [GLDR] [Top-ACE-1st] [XA-TA] {IWATS-CBX-IIC/1-M/1/2-SM/2-XAM-XTM-XTT}

XvT Tactics Professor

COM Protector February 2002

WC's Own January, April 2002

SBL E. Tarkin (Sith)/CON/Clan Arcona, SC/SE/DC-KC-O/(SN)/(BNG)(BNB)/CoL {SA: CORE}

Consul of Arcona


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