Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Tarentum Proconsul Report 10


-- CON Ciara is on leave, should be back tomorrow or so.

-- Our roster is at 45 members.

-- Congratulations to new summits, Warrior Torres (Tridens QUA), DJK John Clark (Tridens AED) and DJK Gelton Torr (Cestus AED). These are all very well-deserved appointments!

-- Use the clan message boards. For instance, there is a Tridens run-on progressing now.

-- See the news page for the latest "Friends of the Emperor's Hammer" coup racked up by none other than our own Doc Hades!


-- Some stuff from DGM Astatine:

  1. Reports - the DB site has this lovely online report system and I

would appreciate it if people started using it. This means if I want to

verify what you've actually done (so you can get a sweet medal or

promotion), I can just check the reports, rather than trudge through my

EH mail folder (which has about 15,000 items). It's just a simple

copy-paste to add your report to the database, it takes 5 minutes and

there's no real excuse not to do it.

  1. Promotion recommendations - From now on, promotions for CON and PCON

must be approved by the GM and DGM. That means if you're going to

hand-write a recommendation, it has to include us.

  1. Rank caps - we are going to use a "soft cap" format for this. The

caps are in the DSC, under the ranks section. With everyone having

higher medal awarding powers, this means you can mix in more medals with

rank promotions, thus giving people a more rounded "set".

-- Grand Master Report Posted By GM Firefox - 6/8/2002

1) The astonishing growth of the Dark Brotherhood continues. 52 new people this week. Get busy and recruit for your Clan!

2) Remember to be nice on IRC, there were some minor incidents this week in some Clan channels and as long as you behave, I will continue leaving the matter in the hands of the current Channel Operators. Neither you nor me wants to see a change in the current system.

3) As most of the DB members know by now, the Seneschal, Dark Adept Grail Soulchaser has resigned this week. It seems that he was greatly unhappy with me and Astatine and he decided to write a letter to Grand Admiral Ronin asking him to have us removed from our positions. In light of Ronin's refusal, he decided to step down as SCL. I will most likely make the letter available for the membership later on, but at this time, if anyone has any questions about this subject, you can contact me anytime.


"And with no Striker, I will spread my reign of terror and the entire clan will know my power! Muahahahahahahaa! Oh crud, forgot about Ciara:< " -JH Murkrow Defender


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IRC channel: #tarentum


May the creeping mists of our castle envelop you,

SBM Proton (Sith)/PCON/Clan Tarentum

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