Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

News from the Office of the Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow #24

Battlelord Xanos Goatham Zorrixor

31st July 2002



A familar figure robed in his usual black garments was sitting in the command room of Naga Sadow's temporary outpost, his fingers drumming impatiently on the arms of his chair.

   "Report, Guardsman?" said the figure, his voice interupting the ery silence of the base.  

   "Nothing, sir," came the uneasy reply of the Guardsman.  

   "Nothing," repeated the dark figure to himself, a hint of annoyance in his voice. He continued to drum his fingers for a moment before turning to another of the warriors in the room, "Anything to Report, Hunter?"  

   "Nothing, sir," replied the Jedi Hunter, almost in pure replication of the other.  

The dark clad figure continued to drum his fingers along the edges of his command chair, his growing impatience becoming more and more evident. Again he turned to the Guardsman, "Anything from the Obelisk troopers?".

   "Ah..." the Guardman hesitated for a moment as he brought up the data on the console in front of him, "nothing there either, sir."  

   "Typical," said the figure sarcastically.  

Another ran into the room, his clothing somewhat worn, showing signs of recent conflict, the edging in a vibrant, yet subtle red colour, saluting the seated figure he came to a sudden halt.

   "Yes, Commander?" said the figure calmly.  

   "Consul Tarkin's shuttle has just left the vacinity of the Arcona battlefleet, sir," came the hasty reply as the pilot continued trying to catch his breath.  

   "I see. Any idea of the exit vector?"  

   "No, sir. We gather it was not any of the Arconian systems, it is likely ot may not have been one of the Hammer's territories either."  

The dark figure turned away from the squadron commander to the Hunter currently stationed at one of the consoles, "Hunter, inform me of the latest news of the Brotherhood."

The Hunter frantically entered in the security codes to bring up the SHODAN system of the Dark Hall, searching for the latest news of the Order, "The usual Council reports, nothing of great significance..."

   "Is that all?" said the figure not letting the Hunter finish his report.  

   ", sir. It appears also that...that Consul Tarkin has taken leave, effective immediately for the following two weeks."  

Turning back to the squadron command the figure faintly smiled, "That would answer the question, would it not Commander?"

   "Yes, sir," stuttered the Sith officer.  

   "Good, the Arconian fleet is without a leader, their Proconsul having left and their Consul now away leaves them undefended, one could only wonder who is now the acting Commodore of that Strike Cruiser."  

   "Of course, sir."  

   "Very well, inform my Obelisk Quaestor that his boarding teams are to be ready within the hour, and have my personal ship prepped for stand-by. Also scramble Diamond and Sapphire for immediate launch, I believe the time we have been waiting for has finally arrived.  

Fourty-five later minutes every Obelisk trooper of Naga Sadow was assembled in the temporary hanger bay of the asteroid installation, the surroundings were uneven and unclean, jagged rocks protruding outwards leaving deep crevases, small rodent like mammals scuttering around between the rocks. Imperial accuracy and might however shone through all this as if they were in the main hall of Sadow Palace, the Obelisk troops were evenly spaced and stood silently waiting for their leader, likewise the few Sith and Krath who were there to assist them were ready by their ships, all arranged in perfect formation. The faint sound of a turbolift coming to a halt split the silence as the doorway to the left side of the hanger bay opened, two Sith Guardmen, clad in their regal looking Black armour stepped out followed by the Proconsul, dressed in his Mandalorian jumpsuit, clutching his helmet under his right arm.

Today will be a day long remembered, the Proconsul thought to himself, those words the same as Grand Moff Tarkin uttered the day he died, but he knew that this would be a time when those words would come true.

   "I am only going to say this once, and I'm going to be brief. I am sure you have all already been fully informed of your orders by your superiors, but let me just run through things one more time to ensure there are no mistakes, this operation must go ahead without failure. Flight Three of Diamond will launch at exactly 03:17, that being in exactly fourteen minutes, they will head for the Nighthawk and launch a minor offensive, they will then draw their fire and lead the defending fighters away, where to is up to them. Exactly five minutes later Flights One and Two of Diamond will launch our main offensive on the Nighthawk's fighter screen, any remaining fighters which have stayed to protect the Nighthawk will be primary targets at this stage. At 03:30 Sapphire will launch our primary strike on the Nighthawk, the Missile Boats providing the major package. I want to remind you, our target is to be disabled, not vaporised, ensure at all times you remember that, Sapphire's Skipray Blastboats will deal with the disabling. By my calculations we should be ready for deployment of our Obelisk troopers by 04:30, providing fighter supremecy is ours Dark Renegade, Dark Element and Holy Sacrelige will launch in their Assault Shuttles. The Shuttles are to be directed straight for the Nighthawk, ignore all fighter resistance, remember that, Renegade is to attach to the escape hatch of the bridge, Element is to land directly in the hanger bay and Holy Sacrelige is to cut its way along the main hull. The three Krath here are to be acting as co-pilots for the Shuttles, they will deal with coordinating the attack efficiently. Victory is in sight gentlemen, I hope you all understand your duties."  

Stepping forward, somewhat uninvited, one of the Obelisk Sergeants looked up at the Proconsul, "My Lord?"

   "Yes, Sergeant?" replied the Proconsul, if he was in anyway annoyed about the Sergeants interuption he wasn't showing any signs of frustration.  

   "If I may, my Lord, what are we to do if we fail?"  

The Proconsul stood there for a minute, gazing off into the distance as if he hadn't even heard the question. The Sergeant's face showed his confusion, "And what do you mean by 'fail'?" came the reply eventually.

   "Well, for example, if their internal defence is too strong, we have no idea how many troopers they have aboard."  

Again the Proconsul seemed to drift off as if he wasn't even listening to the trooper. "Did I tell you the strength of their defences?"

   "No, my Lord."  

   "Precisely, so don't question me about it. You know what you need to know, victory is all you need concern yourselves about, and with that you are dismissed. Get to your ships, I will signal Diamond when to begin their attack."  

The standard, predictable confusion of troops running to their ships in varied directions followed, the Proconsul remaining on his feet where he had stood. One of the Sith Guardsmen beside him turned to face him,

   "Sir, may I ask why you wanted your fighter prepared?"  

   "Of course, Inceptor. I wanted my TIE prepped so that I could direct the battle myself."  

   "I presumed that, my real question though is why you've not informed them."  

   "If they can't cope with that kind of unexpected event, they won't cope in the battle itself, consider if a test, Inceptor."  

   "Very well, my Lord."  

The Proconsul had just sat down into his TIE when the time display on his console passed from 03:59 to 04:00, starring out of the red tinted window of his TIE he watched as the first of his wing took off out of the asteroid. Right on time, thought the Proconsul to himself, somewhat surprised at the accuracy of the Krath he had placed about the three Assault Shuttles to coordinate everything on time.

Pressing his finger against the comm button on his console he entered in a long range message to the wing, and anybody listening, "Today will be a day long remember," he said, Tarkin's words echoing in his mind, "Good luck to you all in this final hour, Arcona will fall and we will rise in its place, and then...then on to Tarentum."


As we enter the final week of the Feud, I begin to look forward to the results which I hope come back in our favour. If a ship is on offer, I hope that it is we who win it. This is the Clan without anything, Arcona have their STRKC, Tarentum their VSD, it may only be a CRKC up for grabs, but it will mark our victory, and I look forward to the awards which I hope everyone wins.


The AWOL Check is still in effect, anyone who hasn't participated in some way in the past 5 weeks (I did a recheck, its 5 weeks not 4, for the duration of the Feud) will be AWOLed. If you don't participate in the Feud, I expect some other form of activity, personal, MP competitions, Battleboards...something. Otherwise, you will be going to the Rogues.

I want to make it clear, Absent Without Leave means you have not contacted us for 4 weeks, it does not have to be in an AWOL Check. A Check is just easier for your superiors to run, activity is the heart of this club, if you're not active theres no point being here, so I expect everyone to do something, anything at least once in a month. Even if its just starting a discussion on the MB or egroup, sitting down doing nothing however does not contribute towards the welfare and activity, and more importantly, the community of Naga Sadow.

News from Primus

Primus Xanos Goatham Zorrixor

  • Sith Inceptor Abel Malik

  • Sith Inceptor Carl Lost

  • Sith Inceptor DujHoD

  • Sith Inceptor TBA

  • Krath Inceptor Ghost Angel

  • Krath Inceptor Kant Lavar

  • Krath Inceptor Tomaas Banys

  • Krath Inceptor TBA

  • Obelisk Inceptor Sylph

  • Obelisk Inceptor CrimsonAngel

  • Obelisk Inceptor Ric Gravin

  • Obelisk Inceptor Raistlin

I think I'm already getting some idea of who i'm going to be assigning as the new Inceptors, as well as whos going to be recieving a nice shiny medal and a promotion within the Guard. Remember, Guard membership recognises skill, not activity, its one of the rare places where I actually go against what I said earlier :P The Guard recognises the best writers, fighters and pilots in the work hard, get 1st place, and you'll get in the Guard.


That is all for this week, my appologies that this report is sort of in the middle of two others, RLs kinda distorting my schedule at the moment so its been awkward to keep to my regular schedule, look for my 6 month anniversary issue #25 in a few days...and no, they'll be nothing special other than the number :P

Signed and sealed on this day,

In service to the Empire,

Admiral Zorrixor

Proconsul of Naga Sadow

= The Right Honourable Admiral Zorrixor, Battlelord of the Sith =

  • RSV/AD Xanos Goatham Zorrixor/M-FRG Pheonix/Reserves

  • GS/SS/BSx8/PCx5/ISMx18 [LGNR]  
  • MoI-BC/MoT-2rh-6gh/LoC-PSx33/DFC/MoC-1SoC 1GoC  
  • CoS/CoL/CoB/LoA/OV-2E  
  • SBL Xanos Goatham Zorrixor (Sith)/PCON/Naga Sadow


  • Commander of the Black Guard, Primus of Naga Sadow  
  • Consul's Eyes  


  • [Officer-4th] [XA-A] [AoT-001]

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