Consul Report


Consul Report

Clan Arcona Weekly News

  • A new QUA and AED for House Galeres have been selected! After ample consideration, we have decided on the following team to lead Galeres to new heights; QUA OBM Raistlin and AED DJK Dagger! Congrats to both!

  • PCON Mage is looking to implement a new system to more accuratly reward Arcona's finest, stay tuned for more news by Mage himself.

  • The feud results are out! Allthough we failed to dominate the Krath and Open Events portion, we still managed as a Clan to be triumphant! A warm thank you to all who participated in this Feud and a slap on the wrist who failed to make an apperance in the Feud. >:P

That all for now folks, have a drink on me!

WC-PROF/LC E. Tarkin/Wing XV/ISD Vanguard/ASF

GSx2/SS/BSx4/PCx9/ISMx21/MoT-2rh-2gh/IS-2BW-1GW/LoC-PSx412/DFC-GWx21/CoS/CoL/CoB/LoA/OV-3E [GLDR] [JEDI-4th] [XA-TA] {IWATS-CBX-IIC/1-M/1/2-SM/2/3-XAM-XTM/1-XTT}

Wing Commander of Wing XV

Ex-CMDR of Avenger Squadron

XvT Tactics Professor

SBL E. Tarkin (Sith)/CON/Clan Arcona, GC/(SC)/(SE)/DC-KC-O/(SN)/(BNG)(BNB)/Cr-2R/CF/CoL {SA: CORE-S:ISET-S:ESET}

Consul of Arcona

House Oriens Obscurum Report


Welcome to another exciting installment of the AED report. Try not to fall

asleep to quickly, mmkay? :P

Sith Squadron League:

Well, submission wise, it's exactly the same as the TIE one, but since

this is XvT, that's actually better than last time since most don't even

have XvT :P Either way, more submissions are needed, especially for

Apocalypse!! You still have a few hours to submit if you can, so get to it!

The mission is FXvT-11

QUA Leave:

Ekim is on leave until Monday, but he still has access to mail so you can

bug him there :P

Mailing List:

Well, I'm sending this report out over out new mailing list that Mage has

put together. If the entire thing doesn't go belly-up after I send the

report, I think we'll keep it :P

Clan Summit:

Just some clan news. Our new PCON is OBM Mage. Also, the new OHC is our

very own OW Jed I. ReDNeck so basically Galeres has not more summit...FUN!


Feud Results:

They shall be out between now and never...and that's being optimistic :P

OO Website:

Just to remind everyone that the House website can be found at so check their for the latest news and


That's it for this week. If you have any questions or comments, then please

e-mail me them and I'll get back to you ASAP.

SBM Halcyon (Sith)/AED/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona



House Qel-Droma Report

General News

  1. Paladorion is back after his computer crashed. I'm glad to have him back.

  2. Still awaiting those feud results so I can hand out my own awards to those whop participated.

  3. AWOL check ends in a few days- see below for the new Qel-Droma policy (which I am implementing effective immediatly). The following members need to respond:

KP Timeros

PRT Karan Dus

PRT Riel Estrada

ACO Malice

NOV Hunti


  1. There are four House competitions in the planning stages right now. So, look for a lot of activity in the near future, especially for awards and promotions.

Awards and Promotions

  1. Paladorion was promoted to KAP

  2. Leara was promoted to DJK

  3. Xizor was promoted to PRT

Congratulations to these three members.

Arrivals and Departures

  1. KE Khobai has left the Clan and joined Marka Ragnos. Best of luck to him.

  2. Recruitment- It seems as though we're going to take another hit in numbers. So, start recruiting and don't forget, you can earn medals from the Clan.

New AWOL Procedure- For Krath monthly AWOL checks

   I. Valid Responses- These will clear you for the AWOL checks.  

         1. E-mail  

         2. Chat on IRC, ICQ, AIM, etc.  

         3. Participation in a competition  

         4. Having someone contact me (preferably only if you are having computer problems).   

   II. Checking Procedure  

         1. All AWOL checks will be conducted on a Battle team level, and the results sent to the House Summit. Any members not in a battle team are the responsibility of the Summit.  

         2. Individual e-mails will be sent to those members that need to be contacted. In other words, if I know (for example) that Leara is active, then she doesn't need to respond.  

         3. Reminders will be sent in House reports, but you don't need to respond unless you receive an individual e-mail or if you know that someone is having computer problems.  

A simple plan, I think, and I believe it will help the house run a little better.

KAP Kahn(Krath)/QUA/Qel-Droma of Arcona, [KSOE: ENV], (SC)/(SE-WG)/DC-KC-O-CS/(SN)/(BNB)/Cr-3A {SA: CORE}

House Galeres Report



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