Consul Report


Consul Report

Dark Greetings Tarentum,

Been a fun week filled with trying to squeeze alot of competitions into a small amount of time, but hey, it'll be great fun. :) I believe both the Tridens vs. Galthain and Cestus vs Galares competitions are still going on, keep up the good work. :)

The Clan Tarentum Christmas Competition will begin the second I get the approval from Mairin, my fault I submitted the approval request a bit last minute, but once I get the okay I'll mail everyone the details, the competition will last through the month of December with a variety of smaller fun events.

Also . . Tarentum has recently accepted an offer to take part in another three-way feud between CSP and Taldryan, the Dark Jedi Games I believe it is being called. It is planned to run through December also and end just before the GJW in mid-January. Right now we're looking to secure judges and such and then things should run along smoothly. :) All the events are designed to be short and fun in respect of the various activities going on in people's lives during these holiday/exams months, so it should be something fun to do to test our skills just before the GJW. :)

On the issue of reports, as Mairin did her first report evaluations last week, I'd like to congratulate the Cestus Quaestor on doing an excellent job with his reports being as detailed and informative as they are, and remind everyone that Clan Summits now have to get their reports in no later than Sunday night -- so regardless of when you're used to doing your reports. . .I will have to have them before Sunday so that I can include them in the Clan Reports.

The Clan recently lost several members of our Krath House due to an AWOL check, but nearly immediatly after we received several new members to our Sith and Obelisk houses, now standing at 28 and 25 members respectively I believe. Wasn't there some competition involving getting to 30 members for a cookie? Ahh, maybe I'm rambling. . .anyway, cheers for growth. :) Some recruitment efforts would seem profitable for Gladius right now, but it's most important that everyone left is an active contributing part of their House and Clan, so cheers again to them. =)

  • Cestus -


Dark Greetings Jedis

This is report #7, dating 30.11.2002. A lot of topics have to be reported and anounced so without further delay let me start with the activity.


Activity is on a constant good level recently and I can say that I have noticed activity on different levels from 20 out of 25 Cestides, only 5 of our members are dead in the water and in danger to get kicked after the activity check. It´s not the often quoted 100% house activity,but it´s remarkable anyways in my opinion.

Speaking of the activity check, this is the THIRD check mail, I suggest you 5 who haven´t shown themselves should do that soon.

As always now the report of the RM:

Greetings Dark Jedi there has been a lot of activty this week :0) I am very pleased to see this.

Here are the AR reports for this week.


  • played against Mike Halcion and beat him soundly, and was recruited

into the GMRG - advanced sabre circle - yay me!

  • Spent most of my waking hours on IRC

  • played a feud match against Warrior from Galeres and whooped him 5-1

  • played a pile of JK2 and have beaten many good players. I think I'm


  • got promoted from NOV to ACO, thanks to Zetar's recommendation.

  • oh yeah.. and I did an activity report =P

Rage Maki:

What did I do. I played a lot in the ehcoc comps. And I got a couple of medals. I played 3 Feudmatches as well. I also played a couple of trainings matches. Some of my opponents: Reblet, Gelton, Sukuth, Dagger, Gryffon, Zekk, my bro, Cypher, CyberGuy and Jd.

I also played in what I call "Cestus beating night" last Sunday. On Tuesday I played a 2v2 match with Gryffon against Gelton and Zekk and won. I spend a lot of time on the MB and IRC.

That wraps it up.


What did I do. I played a lot in the ehcoc comps. And I got a couple of medals. I played 3 Feudmatches as well. I also played a couple of trainings matches. Some of my opponents: Reblet, Gelton, Sukuth, Dagger, Gryffon, Zekk, my bro, Cypher, CyberGuy and Jd.

I also played in what I call "Cestus beating night" last Sunday. On Tuesday I played a 2v2 match with Gryffon against Gelton and Zekk and won. I spend a lot of time on the MB and IRC.

That wraps it up.

Reb Crush: [23-11]

-Yes, finally got me transfer approved!

-IRC, IRC, where else should I be!?!

-EuroComp Match vs. LR... Beat me 10-9!

-EuroComp Match vs. Dragon... Got beaten up 5-1 (Owww! :-P)

-Practicing a little with Cypher


-Being on IRC

-Did Obelisk CORE Test

-Practicing with LR and mallu.

-Another EHCOC match with LR (Lost again! It's getting annoying!)

-Feud Match against Dagger, lost 5-1, though.


-Being on IRC

-Yay! Passed Obelisk CORE!

-MinosWar Match vs. Dragon, another glorious defeat: 10-1

-Practicing some against X-Pilot


-Being on IRC

-Playing through JKII SP (does that count for activity? :-P)


-Being on IRC

-Playing through JKII SP

-SA Match against Kinslayer (will be joining Cestus when finished with training :-))


-Been on IRC all week

-Did various official matches, but lost all of 'em... :-P

-Training, training, training...

-Passed Obelisk Core

-Played some JKII SP, in absence of Galeres people to fight against. ;)


Bleh, I remembered but the day after its due...Oh well. Anyway, I played a feud match this week which I lost 10-8, most disappointing. I guess thats what I deserve for challenging an OBM. Anyway, I did participate in the OHC Cup but I had to leave before my match was announced unfortunately. I have done some updates to the AF website and I am awaiting approval for a new activity to run soon.

Gelton Torr:

  • been on IRC daily

  • took part in several TC-hosted comps playing JKII

  • played JK and JKII for the COM´s Judgement

  • submitted fiction for feud

  • monitored the feud

  • made first place in Zetars Temple comp

  • took care of the day to day business of the house

Talon Zetar:

-Played JK2

-Was on IRC

-Played around with house website


  • Played JK2.

  • Got 53 points for fued as well as took first palce in the fued over Dagger

for a brief period of time.

  • Been constantly on IRC.

  • Had a training session with Sukuth and Cypher.

  • Adding more updates to my website.

  • Wrote this Roll Master Report.

As the activity grew so did the RM report, it´s not my fault :P


The Cestus-Geleres Feud is still going on and my latest information is that Cestus and Galeres are tied at 127. So everything is still possible. If you don´t find any members of Galeres to fight against, write some fiction, you help Cestus to win that feud as well as with playing JK/JKII.

A note to the writing: After some disaggreements about the content of the fiction, I will set now some preliminary rules until I had the chance to clear it eith Dagger and Warrior:

  • No swearing, no insults to existing members of Galeres

  • you may include blood and corpses, but it shouldn´t be too explicit (like

flying livers and eyeballs.:P)

  • no existing member whether of Cestus or Geleres may be killed.

  • the settings and the events are still at your choice

Because we have a lot of people who are addicted to JKII and don´t find enough opponents in the feud, I decided to host a small comp parallel to the feud. I call it the Cestus Feud Training comp and it is a FFA JKII ladder for the whole house. It is at your choice whether you play guns or sabers whether you use force or not, wether you play to 5 or to 10. It´doesn´t matter whar settings will count for the same ladder. Winner gets a Crescent with Sapphire Star, 2nd a Crescent with Emerald Star and 3rd Crescent with Topaz Star.The comp is already approved by Mairin so you can start right away and it will end on the same day as the feud on the 11th of december. Sent your scores with the screenshots to me and Zetar, he will post the ladderstandings on the Cestus homepage.

Furhtermore due to lack of enough DB JK comps I would like to list here all TC-hosted competitions where you can play JK/JKII and earn yourselves CFs for won matches:

Vanguard Shield Sunday 12PM EST 6PM CET

Tempest Storm Monday 12PM EST 6PM CET

Minos War Monday 1PM EST 7PM CET

Agressor Strike Force Tuesday 5PM EST 11PM CET

Frozen Doom Tuesday 10PM EST 4AM CET

Greenwich Wolf Wednesday 3PM EST 9PM CET

TIE Corps BG Training Wednesday 7PM EST 1AM CET

Night of the lost Souls Thursday 3PM EST 9PM CET

Thursday Night Training Thursday 7PM EST 1AM CET

AusComp Friday 6AM EST 12AM CET

Sovereign Nighthawk Friday 3PM EST 9PM CET

EuroComp Saturday 9AM EST 3PM CET

Outer Rim War(currently)Saturday 2PM EST 8PM CET

I think that are enough comps where you can play JK :P If you want to look at the official comp calendar here is the link:


House Cestus currently has 25 members due to Smokeythebear who decided to leave the brotherhood at all without any notice. I wish him luck out there and perhaps he will find back to us one day again. Therefore the roster looks like this:

OBL Michael Halcyon

OW Gelton Torr - QUA

DJK Darkov

DJK Glorfindel

DJK Talon Zetar - AED

JH Blackhero

JH Kakos

JH Sukuth - Battleteam SGT Blades of Malice / Trial Master

JH Zekk - Rolemaster

GRD Eoth Kun - Battleteam SGT Battalion of Fear

GRD Hev Randrowan

GRD Obscurus - Battleteam SGT Armoured Fist

PRT Daryan

PRT Ereinion Qel Droma

PRT Zeth Ni

ACO Aleckz

ACO Marcus Gladius Octavianus

ACO Sen Hart

ACO Son Goku

ACO RageMaki

ACO Tygarin Cypher

ACO X-Pilot

NOV Reb Crush

NOV Sauron


Tygarin Cypher was elevated from the rank Novice to the rank of Acolyte. Congratulations! Well deserved.

Awards :

There has been several wins in JK matches in official comps from various members but due to unknown problems they have not been officially awarded yet so I won´t metion them here. Service medals have not been awarded this week.

That concludes my report. I problably acchieved a new personal record concerning the length of it :P

                                                         In Deep Respect   


                                                            Gelton Torr   

(§§§§§§ {[]}§)(((::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-

OW Gelton Torr (0belisk)/QUA/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: INI]


"Shadow is my Armor, Darkness is my Shield, Fear is my Sword"

  • Gladius -

Greetings Gladius!!

Our loverly QUA is on Leave at the moment, so you are all stuck with me. <eg> The liqour is in the back room :P

She wanted me to remind you all that the pictures she takes on her vacation is up aaaat : Sooo go take a look!


Krath High Priest Report

Well the first week is over and I managed to keep my Inbox from imploding in on itself. Checking email every hour may seem pathetic but gets the job done. ;) Every other hour maybe, hehe. So without further adieu, here we go...

1) I'd like to, once again, thank everyone for their encouragement and support. Bare with me as I adjust to my new duties, as there seems to be so many! Remember I am hear to serve the Krath and the Brotherhood. As I've mentioned to many this past week, please use my services to their fullest capabilities.

2) The new Krath website was opened this week. In it, the KCC and Krath site are integrated into one, making the new Krath page your one-stop-shopping experience for all things Krath! Once again, mega thanks to CyberGuy and Jam3z for their excellent work. Krath site can be found at:

3) If you have not done so, and some have not, please add me to all official Krath house email lists, egroups, etc. I'd like to see first hand what's going on down in the frontlines.

4) The final battle in the KCC ladder has been announced...Arion vs Timeros! Good luck guys!

5) Hopefully Timeros will survive his fight with Arion because when he is all done he will have to get back to his newest duty, Combat Master of the KCC! Gratz bro, and again, good luck in the ladder battle!

6) Thanks for all those CONs and PCONs and that checked in with me and told me a little about themselves. If you have not yet done so, please send me a short email about yourself so I can get to know you a bit. It's much easier to deal with so many names and Clans when one can put a face to the name.

Overall activity has been solid. Keep up the good work, everyone. That is all...

KHP Tronsta

Deputy Grand Master Report

Posted By DJM Mairin Astoris - 11/29/2002

1: Competition Approval comes through me. I have a hard time believing that all the competitions coming through my inbox are the only ones running in the DB. Remember, if your competition is not improved, you may not award medals for it.

2: I've just completed my first ever Clan Report Evaluations. I have to say that overall I'm pleased with the standard that has become apparent. Whilst there is room for improvement in most areas, I'm confident that these improvements will be made.

3: Houses that haven't sent me their promotion guidelines yet, should do so, or at the very least notify me that they do not have guidelines (assuming that you don't). If you don't send them in then your input is likely to be minimal on the standard set of guidelines that I will be producing soon.

4: Recommending promotions means going through the correct channels. House Summits may promote to Priest/Warrior, Clan Summits to Archpriest/Battlemaster, and thereafter all promotions must be requested by your Order Leaders on the recommendation of your Clan Summits. If you do not follow this protocol, for whatever reason, promotions can and will be denied by the Master at Arms.

5: GJW is still in planning. Missions are currently being made, I believe, and the second part of it is being more fully planned out by our ever-lovely SHW.

6: I have appointed a Praetor, KAP Sith Bloodfyre. Sithie has lots of good ideas, and makes a great bouncing board, which is exactly what I need, which is why I've selected him. As I do not need further assistance within the DGM office at the moment, I have removed both members who were previously my Magistrates from the roster. Please don't mail me asking for a job as a Magistrate as I do not require any. Thanks!


Jeremy Leto Cleon Alexander Demerzel passed the DB Leadership Studies course! Congrats!!

Crescent w/ Emerald Star is awarded to GRD Jade Avius! Congrats!! :)

Crescent w/ Topaz Star is awarded toooo PRT Siterath Goersase!! Congrats!!!

House news:

The trivia portion of the comp for this month has been relesed!! Make sure all of you do it AND the story!!! Im grading the story, so make them good! I dont like to be bored, besides, you guys kick ass at story writing ;P

No promos this week, tisk tisk tisk.. maybe next week??

The comp will end midnight December 8th so make sure you get those started.. noooow. Send those to myself and Telona. Actually, ANYTHING you do send in.. allllways send it to Telona and me, alright? Good :P

Hmm, isnt much to report actually. The Wizards Phyle is now no longer, Kodiak, im not sure where you want to be placed, so let me know. Alright?

If anyone has any news, contact me asap! Thanks for your time... and remember, Do something evil atleast once per day! <eg>


KP "Doc" Hades

  • Tridens -

No report from Tridens, I believe Quaestor Murkrow has his computer in the shop last I heard, and the Aedile needs to change his report date to sometime before Sunday. ;)

Darkness guide,

··•· † ·•··

C.i.a.r.a M.a.y.a T.e.a.r.n.a.n R.o.t.h.w.e.l.l

KE Ciara Tearnan (Krath)/M:KHP/CON/Tarentum,


  • Queenie Mystic -

.."Under the tongue root a fight most dread, and another raging, behind, in the head"..</bow></eg></eg></bow>

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