Consul Report


Consul Report

...Report 32...

Greetings Clan Naga Sadow,

Let me issue an advance warning. This week our Proconsul has written a piece for the report, you may wish to turn away now. You have been warned :P

Anyhow, the Great Jedi War ends about nine hours from the time of writing this report, so if you've not yet done anything....GO DRAW A STICK-MAN! If you Consul can do it, so can you :P In a demonstration of the fact that it can be done I submitted a stick-man-esque, go spend a few minutes drawing a picture of me, and if it makes you feel better, since I'm forcing you to do it, then you can make me look stupid in the picture too :P

A good week in all, I was most pleased with the closing activity, with our new members, with our Summit...with pretty much everything actually. I've been taken back a little by the activity, we' I know for a lot of us oldies that's a spooky phrase, but it's true, we're actually active! :)

I foresee a good future, we have a lot of good, active, skilled prospective young members within our walls now, my warmest welcome extends to all those who've come in this week, I've been most impressed with you all this week. Perhaps the time has come when we can all finally work together with building a New Clan Naga Sadow in the image of the old, bringing back the glorious golden age.

Clan News:

Primus Goluud AED | Congratulations go to Talon Astruar on his appointment to Aedile, he's got a lot going for him already and has a lot of potential for the future. I look forward to watching him and J'Rai transforming Primus Goluud into a strong fighting unit - and if the rumours of Jedi Knight III are true then perhaps we can look forward to an exciting Summer.

Phase II | THE END | My bad last week, it ends TODAY, so MONDAY, rather than Sunday. That gives you a few more hours from when you get this report, so if you've yet to participate then you've still got time :) And so you all know, the Wargame is over and won't be returning, so MP is done, my appologies on behalf of the Council and Summits for this, though theres still been a lot to get on with, so I hope it's not disappointed anyone too much.

Black Guard | The countdown begins...expect a new Guard by this time next week :)

Commanders | As you may have read on HLK is badly in need of Commanders, one for Diamond Squadron and one for Sapphire Squadron. This is becoming something of a plea on the Summits behalf as we NEED somebody to run those Squadrons, Bob and Malik can't be Acting Commanders forever. We're willing to take members outside of Naga Sadow as are we happy to give somebody who doesn't meet the stated requirements, if you've got the potential then we'll be happy to give you a shot.

AWOL Check | Just a reminder, it's happening, you've got a matter of hours to save yourselves. I've had a few "Don't AWOL me" leave requests sent to me over the past two months, though only to me...I will endeavour to inform the relevant Quaestors about this, but we have had some Quaestor changes during this war and theres a slim chance some of those requests may have been mislaid and sincere appologies in advance if any inconvieniences are caused, though we, the Summit, will do our best to make sure that doesn't happen. Though, just for you are AWOLed, you only go Rogue, so can still rejoin at no cost. I will say one thing though, I've been told some people have used "computer trouble" as a problem yet are always on IRC...that's questionable, as I've said, only extreme reasons for leave are going to be considered, and anything that we have been told about is going to be looked at to make sure it's valid....consider this spring cleaning season, we want to start afresh for an active summer.

Awards, Promotions...etc. | As I hinted at last week, I'm holding off personal awards until after the GJW and stuff. I'd rather get a full look at everything, who did what and stuff so rather than give the odd Dark Cross to who I think did stuff now, I can instead promote or award some higher class medals later this week. I'll be taking requests from Quaestors this week, though also from any of you who think somebody you know in the Clan deserves recognition for their hard work. You've all seen the huge number of high level awards being given out to the Dark Council and Clan Summits...don't think this won't be extended to all of you, there will be a nice lot of promos and awards given out after this :)

Ruby Sceptre | I don't really like announcing my own awards, but I thought I'd throw it in :P I recieved a Ruby Sceptre a few minutes ago, so I'm rather overjoyed right now :) My greatest thanks to Trev for reccing it, and to Jac, Firefox and whomever else up there supported it and pushed it through :) Thanks guys :) Though moreso, my greatest thanks to all of you, every single member of Clan Naga Sadow. I couldn't do this without a Clan that I can believe in, I know we've had bad times, but there are many of you who don't give up and who keep fighting hard. I won't give any names, for I'd only forget somebody, but theres nobody who can be left out, every single member of the Clan who's contributed in the past two months has my sincerest thanks for helping me earn this. As I said in my point about awards above, your work doesn't go unnoticed, I won't thank you without recognising it, so expect some shiny things later this week :) My thanks again :)

The Proconsul's Corner

Editors note: The fictional content of the Proconsul's Corner was decreed by the Consular Standards Commitee to have a Certificate 18, or I think that's R or something if you're in America, those wishing to read it can ask Trev himself, as I have my standards, and won't post that :P

In other news, I'm sure you are all aware of the recent activities in the Main Forums of the Brotherhood. I'm sure I don't need to remind everyone, that Clan Naga Sadow is built upon a strong foundation of honor and dignity (And perhaps discarded bottles). We do not participate in such activities, except to condemn them.

As the Lord Consul has decreed, do not hesitate to ban Khobai if he causes a problem.

Also, now that the Great Jedi War is over, the Aediles and I will be starting our little fun-filled conference sessions, so that we can get some competitions geared up, and the Battleteams in order.

House News

I commend the Summits again on their good work, it's nice to see everything running smoothly. I'm lost for words actually, thinks have been so good this week I've not got any ranting to say :P

Ludo Kressh -

Primus Goluud -

Marka Ragnos -

Final Words

Thus ends another week, let's all hope this next one is as good as this last. And lets hope that the Phase II results are good. I must admit, with the wargame stopping midway, our plans never truly took hold, my wargame tactics are based on making full use of the time available, rather than acting like it's a sudden-death round and launching major assaults on people. Taking that into account we didn't get anywhere near as much territory as I'd hoped. However, though other Clans had captured more than us, we lost none, they lost a lot. So I'm 99% sure we didn't come last in it :P I'm 50% confident that we may have placed :) As for the other sections, I honestly can't say, but I'm hopeful :) Obelisk wise we rocked, so I hope we can get some points there, and I was rather happy with the battleplan I threw together this afternoon, so considering HLK's one had weeks of hard work put into it theres chance we may ace that section, plus we had some nifty Evil Mastermind submissions too. So, all that taken into account, we may do fairly well in the end :)

In Service to the Brotherhood,

Lord Consul Zorrixor

Consul of Clan Naga Sadow

Governor Plenipotentiary of Sif

= Lord Consul, Warlord Zorrixor, Admiral of the Imperial Navy =

  • SWL Xanos Goatham Zorrixor (Sith)/CON/Naga Sadow


  • RSV/AD Xanos Goatham Zorrixor/M-FRG Pheonix/Reserves

  • GS/SS/BSx8/PCx5/ISMx18 [LGNR]  
  • MoI-BC/MoT-2rh-6gh/LoC-CSx6-Rx3/DFC-Rx1/MoC-1SoC 1GoC  
  • CoS/CoL/CoB/LoA/OV-3E  


  • [Officer-4th] [XA-A] [AoT-001]

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