Consul Report


Consul Report

...Report 35...

Greetings Clan Naga Sadow,

An eventful pair of weeks, and my appologies for not having sent a report last week but I hope I kept you all up to date enough with my various postings on the mailing list. With things now getting back to normal expect a few changes within the Clan, nothing major, just a few alterations to things like the website, Black Guard and the like. Trev and I have a few ideas to another division within the Clan, only this time to represent service to the Clan rather than gaming skill, expect more details as we think it through more fully.

A lot of promotions, a lot of long, long overdue promotions, with the end of the Great Jedi War I thought it was about time I did what I've been meaning to do for a while, so my congratulations to all those who have recieved some well-deserved elevations in the recent days. Also, the awards do not end there, Trev is going to be handing out a number of high-class medals over the next couple of days also, so expect more awards to flow from the Consular offices over the weekend.

Brotherhood News:

New Robes: I've been working on a proposal for some new robes for us all to wear, ones that display rank and position through practical accessories like weapons and the like, rather than clearly formal clothing like fancy chevrons and such. It has been sent to the Summits and Council, though I'll be uploaded it later today and will post a link to it on the DB Message Board, so if you're interested be sure to check the General Discussion board later today.

New Powers: Trev's likewise been at work, and has written out, what are in my mind, and amazingly good new set of force powers. These are with the Summit and Council, and I'm sure you'll all be very glad when the new set are released, they give everyone access to far more powers and open up new doors to all sorts of things - Order Powers and Clan Powers being two of the major new additions.

Clan News:

A change of scenery: As you are all aware, the Dark Brotherhood is no longer connected to the Emperor's Hammer, beyond saying that though, I've really little more to add, we have moved on, things are getting back to normal, and I'm glad to see activity levels easing back up to the norm. I see a bright new future ahead of the Clan, and I am glad that all of you still with us will be here to be a part of it, Naga Sadow has much potential, and with games like SW Galaxies, Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Knight 3 just months away the next year should be a golden one.

Aedile of Primus Goluud: Following the retirement of Talon Astruar it has been decided that Obelisk Battlelord Raistlin will take up the station of Aedile of Primus Goluud once more. My congratultations extend to Raistlin, he has done much for the House a number of times in the past and is an exceptionally skilled Obelisk, I hope that both him and J'Rai can build the House up in the coming months for when Jedi Knight III is released.

Quaestor of Ludo Kressh: Following the resignation of Sith Battlelord Bob-Fett, it has been decided that his rightful successor is the reigning Aedile of the House, Battlelord Malik. Malik has done a great deal for Ludo Kressh over the years, and I hope that he can help maintain stability in the House over the coming months.

Elevations: This week has seen a number of high-level elevations within the Clan, my congratulations extend to all of the following:

Dark Adept Trevarus Caerick

Sith Battlelord Malik

Obelisk Battlelord Raistlin

Sith Battlemaster Janos Silverwulf

Krath Archpriest GhostAngel

Sith Warrior Karimicus

Many of these are well, well overdue, it makes me proud to be a part of such a great Clan when such a number of elevations are given.

Competitions: There are a number of competitions running within Clan Naga Sadow currently, most have already been sent to the mailing list but let me just briefly summarise what is happening:

Vampyre's Fold (Run-On): [] If you go to the new Clan Message Board at the url above there is a new Clan Run-On available, I will be awarding promotions and medals to those who contribute the most to the Run-On, expect a group of Dark Crosses at the least, though depending on how active you all are, I may award much higher honours. The Run-On's start was written by Archpriest GhostAngel, my thanks to her for writing such an intriguing storyline, it does have a lot of potential this story, so I hope you all enjoy it like the last.

Clan Homeworlds: Though not an official competition yet, it does look likely that this might evolve into a full Brotherhood wide Rite of Supremecy or something. Effectively, we need to decide on what our new Clan homeworld(s) is/are going to be like, the more detail you are willing to provide the better. At the Clan Message Boards: there is already a discussion underway, I've also uploaded a temporary demo as to the sort of thing I quite like myself. I may upload an update later today, as Trev has given some ideas for he has a system in mind called the Sepros System (his name) which was the home of Uram Orian (his name) the Eight Dark Lord of the Sith (again, his idea, it's all fictional), the name of our homeworld would be Orian, though I've not got many more details than that from Trev yet, so we're still free to do a lot of playing. From what he's said Orian would be similar to the world I've written about on the uploaded document. Trev also spoke about the world having a pair of 'twin planets' that orbit each other along with the local star, like 'Talos and Tralus' if you know about them, they're from somewhere in Star Wars apparently.

Back to the competition aspect, it might evolve into a Rite of Supremecy, meaning big rewards available to the Clans and those who participate, at the moment I am going to be offering awards similar to the Run-On, namely, those who contribute a lot to the discussion can expect a nice heft medal, or a promotion :) Those of you around in Ludo Kressh 2.5 years ago will remember a 2 month discussion about where our homeworld should be, I'd quite like to see a similar discussion about this. I don't want myself or Trev to do it all, these are your homeworlds, so I really want to see the Houses end up living where they choose to live :)

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Tournament: There is a Tournament for SWGB going on currently, just find somebody, or between 2 and 4 people, to play against and report your scores and time played to myself and Trev, Clusters of Fire will be awarded to all participants for every match played, so even if you lose, you get a Cluster of Fire - what could be easier? There will also be three high-level Crescents awarded to the overall top-scorers of the competition.

"Name Goat's new wife comp": I'd recommend you talk to Malik for the details for this, though, it is a proper competition, oddly enough. Basically, it's a comical competition, write up something humourous, Crescents to the three best entries. All submissions should be sent to Quaestor Malik.

Multiplayer Tournments: As always there are a number of Multiplayer competitions happening currently, so if you want to play Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight II, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter or X-Wing Alliance please be in #obelisk at any of the following times:


Time: 2-4 PM EST

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA


Time: 7-9 PM EST

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA


Time: 2-4 PM EST

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA


Time: 7-9 PM EST

Platforms: JK, JK2, XvT, XWA

House News

With all that has gone on, I accept that there havn't been any reports in over the past week and a bit, I missed my own due to the events, so I won't hold it against anybody else. That said, I would like to see reports coming in again from now on sometime over the weekend, doesn't bother me when, Saturday or Sunday is fine with me.

Final Words

That is all for this week, I'm back to school Monday so forgive me if I'm not around as much as I have been the past four weeks. Consider me on a state of semi-leave for a couple of days Monday and Tuesday in case anything happens, though I should be around, this is just a precaution. I extend my congratulations to all those who recieved those well deserved promotions, I extend my congratulations in advance to those recieving the half a dozen or so medals that Trev is going to be giving out over the next day or two, and my deepest thanks to all of you still here who have shown the loyalty and stayed true to the close-knit community that this Clan is made of over the past two difficult weeks. It has been a hard time for all of us, I am glad that the vast majority of you are still with us, it makes me proud to be a part of this Clan, and proves that what I said during the Great Jedi War was true, we may not be the best when it comes to playing a game, but when it comes to being a Clan there is no other that can beat the strong friendship and community that exists within this Clan.

In Service to the Brotherhood,

Lord Consul Zorrixor

Consul of Clan Naga Sadow

= Lord Consul, Warlord Zorrixor =

  • SWL Xanos Goatham Zorrixor (Sith)/CON/Clan Naga Sadow


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