Consul Report


Consul Report


Hail, Dark Council and members of Clan Arcona. Yes, I've changed my email again... Its now [Log in to view e-mail addresses]...

Clan News:

This week, a new competition was released to Clan Arcona. Called "A New Home, A New Beginning" the competition tracks Arcona's search for a new system to call its own. The deadline for the competition is 4/28/03, and I expect to have received plenty of submission by then. The competition will then move into a gaming part during Phase 2. Further details will be released as Phase 1 ends.

Also, a DB-Wide competition has started, called the Independence Games. As more information is released on this event, you guys will get it. For now, check out the website at .

Additionally, the Clan is in the process of choosing Envoys. I have received several applications for these positions and I will let you all know when the Envoy's have been selected- Which will be rather soon. :P

We've had a number of promotions, most notably the elevation of former Consul Tarkin to Dark Adept. Congratulations, Tarkin! Also congratulations to Anshar Kahn on Epis, Shen Long on Protector, and Kelric on Jedi Hunter.

This will be my last week as the Interim Consul of Arcona, I think. I'd like to thank all of the members of Arcona for being very welcoming in my stay here. Hopefully I can work with the Consul that replaced me on furthering the competition I started. I've got some good ideas for it, and I'd hate to see it end here. :)

I'd like to welcome Tissaya Argat and Mirei Seppen to the Clan. I'm sure you both will enjoy your time in what is definitely the best Clan in the DB... And yes, I can be biased. I'm still Consul. For now. :P

To Kenath Zoron and Dark Jedi Knight Xizor, you will be missed. I wish you luck in whatever path you choose form here. :)

Now onto the bigger stuff. Been lots going on this week...

DB News:

This is a small summary of what's going on around the DB. For more complete reports, check out or read the meeting log at :

The Dark Brotherhood has a new Deputy Grand Master this week. Former EMS Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin has taken up the position after Hades' resignation. Well Hades will be dearly missed, I do believe Jac will prove to be a great DGM. After all, the guy was a Grand Master... Surely he could handle DGM? :P

The Master at Arms has been promoted to Dark Jedi Master. Congratulations to Corran Force on your promotion!

-OHC News-

OHC Sharad outlined his plans in his large report. Included in this report is more on the rumored Obelisk custom mod for Jedi Knight 2 that the OHC staff is working on. I'm sure we'll hear more about this in the near future. Additionally, the OHC Cup tournament will now be held on Sunday at 7 PM EST in #obelisk , while a new multiplayer event, called "Beat the OHC" is starting. Heres the information: "It will be for JK2 only because I cannot play JK1 online due to my ISP. Settings will be random, and for this date the level will be Bespin Streets. I intend to hold a 2v2 "Beat the OHC and Staff" in the future, and alternate between the two competitions to get more versatile players. The object of the competition is simple. If you beat the OHC (me), then you get a CF. The player with the most wins at the end of the competition will win a Crescent with Ruby Star. I have set up a script to randomize the settings (nf or ff, sabs or guns). All matches will be played to 5 to minimize match length, so that more matches can be fitted in. Matches will be played in the order they are requested, and each player may only request one match at a time. The competition will end at 10 PM EST regardless of players waiting in line to play after that. And wow that has to be a record length for a report item. :P"

-Chancellor News-

The Seal of Loyalty will henceforth be awarded on April 12th, the date of the Brotherhood's independence, and October 12th, in honor of the founding of the Brotherhood. Yes, I know the Brotherhood wasn't founded on October 12th, but just play along and maybe I won't see to your late-night smothering. :P

Awards have been going through the office as normal, and they've all been very good recently. I would say I'm proud of this group for its responsible awarding, but the lack of crappy recs is honestly beginning to scare me. Someone screw up already. :P And now, for the future plans:

1) I plan to look over the DSC and possibly re-draft the "Awarded For" reasons with the awards. Some of them are kind of nebulous, and if I can make them a bit more clear, all the better.

2) We're going to need some new images for the SoL and the CoS. Send inquiries to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] if you have any ideas or would like to offer your services. You will be rewarded for your work.

3) I plan on getting very drunk this weekend, so I may not be around as much as some of you might like. If you need me, message me on AIM as Knight Camile and I'll try to deal with it in a haze. Other than that, consider this weekend as me being in a semi-away state. :P

And that's about all. This makes a month of me as Chancellor, and as of yet, nothing has been burned down. If you believe in God, now's the time to thank him. If not, worship me. You need religion. :P In closing, stay warm, stay healthy and the next person who pins the joking nickname of ^CamileGuy on me will be stripped of all awards and thrown into deep space. :P

-Krath High Priest Report-

1) Ciara has agreed to stay on as my praetor, but Page is stepping down through a lack of time, so i'm taking applications for a Magistrate. I really, really need someone who can create and maintain a website. Neither me nor Ciara can do this, and i'd like to get running again. Applications to me please within the next few days.

2) My e-mail has changed for those who didn't notice already: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

3) There are a number of competition proposals being thrown around at the moment. Hopefully we'll have something for you soon. In the meantime, expect the KMTs towards the end of the week.


In conclusion, keep working on the Clan competition, as we're getting very close to the end of Phase 1. I've received a number of quality submissions so far and I expect to receive plenty more. Additionally, keep an eye on your mail boxes and the DB news site and message boards. While this latest DB-wide competition isn't really about Clans as much as personal achievement, why not show everyone Arcona Keep it up, guys!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor

~Interim Consul of Clan Arcona~

**OWL Telaris "Mav" Cantor(Obelisk)/CON/Clan Arcona,

SB/GCx3/DC/(GN)/(BNB) **

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