News for 12/2017

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Date Title Author Context
12/08/2017 Seals of Wrath Awarded Prophet Howlader Taldrya Master At Arms (Dark Council)
12/08/2017 Headmaster's Report #17: War is Over Edition Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae Headmaster (Dark Council)
12/07/2017 Odan-Urr Consul Report - One Last Time... Warlord Rajhin Consul (Odan-Urr)
12/06/2017 Voice Report #11 - So...What Now? Master Marick Tyris Voice of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
12/06/2017 Hoth QUA Report #12 - Great Jedi War Aftermath and a Anniversary Augur Edgar Drachen Quaestor (Hoth)
12/05/2017 Plagueis Consul Report #9: Today the guns are silent Adept Selika Roh Consul (Plagueis)
12/05/2017 [CSP] GJW Results Report Adept Elincia Rei Consul (Scholae Palatinae)
12/04/2017 Selen Development Project Post War Update! Augur Kordath Bleu Proconsul (Arcona)
12/04/2017 GJW XII: Possessions and Clan Credits Adept Evant Taelyan Regent (Dark Council)
12/04/2017 GJW XII: Final Results - First Clan Awarded - Hero of the War Awarded Grand Master Declan Roark Grand Master (Dark Council)
12/02/2017 New Battle Team Leader Selected Lieutenant Colonel Len Iode Aedile (Satele Shan)