A New Knight Arises


A New Knight Arises

Marakith Skyhook

Aeotheran Orbit

Orian System

The exclusive members canteen was quiet that afternoon, a few members quietly sat eating or reading as the sun shone through the thick window that gave a view of the planet below. At a table Hunter Malevek pushed his plate aside and took a drink from the glass next to it. He was listening to a story of the recent war told by his master who was sitting opposite. He turned suddenly at the sound of footsteps and was startled to see a familiar armoured figure walking towards him, flanked by two armed troopers bearing the Shar Dakhan insignia.

“Hunter Malevek, you will come with us,” the Quaestor ordered. He turned to the Savant opposite. “As will you.”

Scarlet got to her feet and brushed her long hair back. “Is there a problem Quaestor?”

“There will be no questions.”

They were led out of the canteen and towards the elevator, two more house troopers joining from either side of the doorway as they passed through. They were herded into the elevator and waited as it descended. They were both surprised when it opened into the docking bay where a lambda shuttle awaited them. Without any further explanation they were escorted inside the shuttle and the ramp closed behind them. With a wordless gesture the Quaestor directed them to be seated and strap themselves in. A few seconds later the shuttle lifted off and passed smoothly through the forcefield and out into the atmosphere. As it ascended a squadron of X-Wing fighters formed an escort around it, and it left the atmosphere heading out into space. It accelerated and made course corrections, powering along with its escorts leading and flanking it.

Malevek sat quietly, staring ahead. He had no idea what this might be about. He glanced at his master who was sitting quietly opposite, and then glanced to her left where the taciturn figure of the Quaestor was seated. After what seemed an eternity the shuttle began to slow as the windows showed the green forest world of Sepros ahead of them, growing bigger until they entered the atmosphere. Smoothly it descended as the half ruined mass of Sadow Palace filled the screen before the craft guided itself into a hangar and landed, the escorting fighters doing likewise.

The ramp opened and the Quaestor stood. “Follow me.”

Malevek and Scarlet unclipped their harnesses and stood, following the Quaestor down the ramp. At the entrance several of the Clan Warhost troopers were waiting and with a salute they took over the escort as they were led inside. They walked quietly down a long corridor and then turned left into a small windowless room, the only feature a stone bench and a second closed door. The Quaestor turned. “You will be seated.” He left, though two Clan troopers remained.

Malevek and Scarlet sat for what again felt like an eternity, and then the other door opened. One of their guards raised his hand to his helmet communicator, and then announced. “You may enter.”

Malevek and Scarlet got to their feet and walked through the door, which opened up into a large torch lit hall, filled with robed and armoured figures and banners bearing the flags of Clan Naga Sadow and Houses Shar Dakhan and Marka Ragnos hanging from the walls. They walked together down a carpet on the stone floor, turning and passing through the assembled members towards a raised platform, on which three robed figures stood. They both recognised the tall figure of the Overlord of the Clan, and to either side of him were the Proconsul Takagari KogaRyu and Rollmaster Tasha’Vel Versea.

Bentre looked first at the Savant and her student, and then around the room where there was a murmur of chatter. He glanced at the Rollmaster.

“There will be silence,” the Twi’lek announced, her voice reverberating around the room.

The Overlord looked back at the Hunter standing before him. “Hunter Malevek. You have been summoned here to be judged. You have been a member of this Clan for some time, and your deeds, actions and loyalty have been studied and weighed against both your peers and the former members who served this Clan. And now our deliberations are complete.”

He turned to Scarlet who was standing next to her student. “Savant Agna, you have been Hunter Maleveks mentor. Do you believe he is worthy of further advancement and recognition by his Clan?”

Scarlet drew herself up. “I do Overlord, and I fully support it.”

“Very well,” Bentre replied, “then under my authority as Overlord and Consul of Naga Sadow I propose that Hunter Malevek be granted the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, with all privileges and rights that it bestows. Does anyone here dispute my words?”

There was silence in the room as the Overlord looked around it solemnly.

“Then as Overlord of Clan Naga Sadow it is my privilege to name you Dark Jedi Knight Malevek of Clan Naga Sadow.”

The hall burst into applause as the new Knight turned and bowed to all present.

I would like to present, as our newest, shiny Knight none other than our very own Malevek. I hope all will witness the kind words spoken in the promotion recommendation and join me in welcoming Malevek to the ranks of our club's Knights and congratulating them in the same. I assume this will be the first of many promotions and honors.

Oh yeah, and drinks are on you tonight, Knight Malevek.

Congratulations, and may the Force strengthen your steps.

Bentre Sadow




Congratulations Malevek very much deserved.

Congrats Malevek!

Knighthood! Congrats, Malevek!

Woot! Congrats so much!

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