And Ye Shall Stand (fiction)


And Ye Shall Stand (fiction)


Orian System

As the operation on Sepros continued, Clan Naga Sadow pushed forward to identify who was behind the clandestine strikes not only on Sepros, but throughout the entire system. That far into the Consul’s plans, the old Sadow temple wreckage had been painstakingly categorized and excavated. Leaving a clean slate to where it once stood tall, Clan architects had submitted several variations of plans for the reconstruction to the Clan’s overlord for approval.

Bentre walked the excavation site, deep in thought. Pacing the outline of the temple’s old ceremonial hall, diligently staring at the etched carvings of Sith glyphs on the old stone floor of the once ornate hall. Visions began to develop in the Consul’s mind, as he paced in thought. Lady Vel'Versa, the Overlord’s bride, made her way towards the Corellian, a subtle hand on the shoulder suspended his visions of grandeur.

“Deep in thought I see…” Tasha said.

“Indeed. Is Takagari back from patrol?” asked the Overlord.

“I do not believe so,'' he and Corvo reported in just a short time ago. They were about half way through their patrol.” Tasha replied.

“Excellent,” Bentre said.

Activating his comlink, Bentre called for Quaestor Hades of House Marka Ragnos. Within a few moments the Tarentae arrived, approaching both the Consul and the Rollmaster, the Quaestor paid his respects with a look of concern, and a formal bow.

“You requested me Overlord?” asked Hades.

“Thank you Hades, I have an objective which I need your assistance with,” Bentre said as he passed an administrative report to his Quaestor.

A smile broke across the Battlelord’s face, “Excellent Sir, I will get right on this,” replied Hades.

“Excellent! I will inform Takagari of our plans, we need to make haste, he will return at knightfall,” Bentre said.

Hades bowed once again to his Summit, turned and left the excavation site. From a distance you could hear the Tarentae barking orders at the Warhost crews.

Forest Region

“Sir we've been at this for hours, what is the point?” Corvo asked concerningly.

DarkHawk continued reviewing the live feed scans as they broadcasted across the large viewing screen of the Decimator. “We have not covered all our sectors as of yet Corvo, we can not afford to overlook anything at this stage,” replied DarkHawk. Tytus chuckled as he made some engine adjustments and brought the Decimator around for another pass of their target area.

“You will have to get used to the fact that not all our patrols lead to any sort of engagement. Patience and a sharp eye are valuable assets in this scenario,” DarkHawk said adamantly.

“And of course recon equipment that makes your job slightly more...uncomplicated,” Ty said sarcastically.

Corvo laughed, “Tytus, how could things be more complicated with you at the helm?”

“Trust me Corvo, he wears on you, like clothes soaked in Bantha urine,” DarkHawk said.

“And I have always found that the level of concern one has for another is directly proportional to how fast and how much you can piss them off, as it were. No pun intended…” Ty replied in a regal manner.

Corvo was taking a swig from a canteen as Ty’s zinger towards the PCon was relayed. Spitting out a mouthful of water, Corvo regained his composure, “Good times!” Corvo exclaimed.

After several more passes and coming up with no signs of activity,, Corvo once again began to get restless. “Another patrol garnering us nothing!” the Journeyman exclaimed.

“Not entirely Sir, the northeast quadrant produced us a good scan of trail traffic, now we know at least this route our adversary is using. It is now, just a matter of timing,” Ty replied.

Corvo stroked his pointed auburn goatee, “A awfully mundane assignment if you ask me,” Corvo said.

“We have to undergo the mundane, in order to expose our prey. Get used to it kid, all of our assignments do not lead to instant action. Plus would you rather be here patrolling, or back at the excavation site categorizing rivets?” replied the PCon.

“True indeed Sir,” Corvo replied reluctantly.

“Almost dark, I will swing around and let us make one more pass, then we shall return to more mundane activities shall we?” asked Ty.

Pushing the throttle quadrant forward, Ty brought the Decimator around and leveled the ship off about fifteen meters above the treetops. Throttling back to flight idle, the Decimator made a steady course over its target sector.. Darkness was about to blanket the planet, the last bit of light stretched across the horizon.

Sadow Temple Ruins
Excavation Site

Ty brought the Decimator on the glide scope to land at the excavation site. The night had a firm grip over the planet, the darkness was thick like the swamps of Dagobah. “What happened to the site, why are we in a blackout?” Corvo asked.

“Good question. Generators may be out, guess it's time to do some more investigations,” replied DarkHawk.

Off to the left, the landing pad lights flickered, then illuminated. “There!”, Ty pointed, “Must be getting the back up generators online.”

Ty pulled back on the throttles and brought the ship around and put the Decimator gingerly down and cut power to the engines. Flipping a few more toggle switches the Decimator’s pitot tubes purged excess sweltering gases. Once the system was purged, Ty opened the cargo doors and the three Sadowans disembarked.

Corvo looked around and tried to reacclimate his vision to make out some sense of what was going on. It was eerily quiet, no sounds of maintenance, no sounds of movement. “Something is not right here,” the Journeyman thought. Corvo turned around to address his PCon but found himself alone.

“DarkHawk? Tytus…” Corvo called out.

Suddenly, the distinct sound of sabers igniting caught the attention of Corvo. Spinning around to address the threat, Corvo could see two red sabers held high, the blades crossed at their point, and the Journeyman could make out the silhouette of DarkHawk standing in front of the two sabers. Corvo reached for his saber, “There is no need…” the PCon’s voice boomed.

Corvo cautiously walked towards DarkHawk, Corvo began to reach out to the Force to make some sense of what was happening, but his connection was continually being interrupted.

“All will be revealed…” a new voice echoed throughout the site.

Corvo continued to approach the PCon cautiously. DarkHawk stepped to one side, with an outstretched arm gestured towards the sabers. “Forward…” was the only word spoken by the PCon.

Corvo reluctantly carried out his orders, as he walked under the ignited blades, he recognized his Clanmates holding the elegant weapons. The blades buzzed and crackled, Corvo felt anxiety that was close to deafening. Once he passed through the first set of crossed sabers, two more ignited illuminating a pathway, this continued multiple times until the Journeyman reached the steps leading down into the main excavation site.

There illuminated by a lone light was the Consul of the Clan, accompanied by his bride. Accompanied by Grandmaster Keibatsu, Augur Ashia Keibatsu and the two Quaestors of the Clan stood, waiting. In front of the Consul was a small podium, covered by a red cloth displaying the Clan’s symbol.

“Come and be judged Corvo,” Bentre said.

Corvo approached and stopped short of the podium. “Kneel Corvo…” Bentre said. Corvo did not hesitate, kneeling down and noticing the etchings on the stone floor. A different feeling began to wash over him.

“We are here today to judge this Journeyman. Over the past few months Corvo has displayed loyalty, fortitude and strength. He has risen through the ranks and has now taken his first command within the Clan. His prowess has brought this Clan victory and prestige. I ask you now Sadowans , is he worthy?…” said the Overlord.

A moment of silence, Corvo’s heart pounded, echoing through his head, then a booming “Aye!” was spoken by the members of the Clan.

Bentre removed the cloth covering the podium, revealing a brand new saber. Grasping the hilt in his hands, Bentre ignited the saber and brought the blade down over Corvo’s left shoulder.

“By my authority as Overlord and Consul of Naga Sadow I propose that Hunter Corvo be granted the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, with all privileges and rights that it bestows. Does anyone here dispute my words?”

The silence was deafening, as the Overlord scanned his parishioners.

Bringing the saber up and over to Corvo’s right shoulder, the energy of the saber could be felt to Corvo’s core.

“Then as Overlord of Clan Naga Sadow it is my privilege to name you Dark Jedi Knight Corvo of Clan Naga Sadow. So today, as a Knight of Naga Sadow, ye shall stand.” Bentre intoned. ”

Dozens of sabers ignited as the new Knight turned and bowed to all present.


Though I am sure that a few of you may have taken the time to look at the recommendation for our newest Knight, the Summit wanted to take a moment to commemorate in fiction the achievement of Ignus Corvo as our newest Knight!

To quote his master in Corvo's recommendation: "You do this not only to succeed, but to learn. To quench that thirst that drives you. Your passion for knowledge stands you above so many others in this organization. It is both humbling and inspirational to witness. You have gone above and beyond what I could have hoped for."

And echoing that, I can say that this Consul looks forward to what you will accomplish, Ignus. Hopefully this will be the first of many promotions.

Bentre Sadow
Overlord of Naga Sadow

Awesome job Corvo! Congrats!

Great job Knight Corvo!

Congrats Corvo!!

We are proud of you!

Awesome Job!

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