Another Knight Rises


Another Knight Rises

Orian Sector


Markosian City

Black Sector

Fort Keibatsu

Shimura stood in the courtyard, Initiates drilled through basic movements as their instructor scolded them and verbally berated them for their less than perfect movements. The Zabrak smiled as he reminisced on his own beratings from his master, Waza. He checked the chrono on his wrist, his Apprentice was nearly late. The Twilek broke his daydreaming.

“I’m sorry Master. I had a hard time finding this place. It’s not very well documented.”

“You had better get use to not having everything handed to you.” He replied. “If there is one thing I’ll teach you, it’s that you have to make your own way in this life.”

“Yes, Master.” The Twilek said, following his Master as he turned heel and began to march at a steady pace into the fort.

The pair strode into the fort, blanketed by Naga Sadow Security, the Battlemaster proceeding forth as if they weren't even there, the Hunter following in his wake. Crawramek was uneased by the amount of security in the building, especially since he wasn’t told why to show up, just that he had to be there.

The pair strode into the Great Hall, Naga Sadow, Marka Ragnos and Keibatsu tapestries flowed from the ceiling on nearly every wall. A large dias in the back of the chamber held two large throne chairs that were occupied by shadowy figures with three other figures standing at their sides. Shimura already knew who they were, he tried to remain his composure. To either side of him he felt the entire house of Marka Ragnos standing in the gloom. He wondered if his Apprentice felt their presence. They stopped a few steps short of the dias. Shimura immediately dropped to one knee and when he noticed his Apprentice had failed to follow his motions, he elbowed him in the knee, causing him to kneel. Bentre and Darkhawk both stood from their seats and proceeded closer upon the dias.

“Crawramek Turazza.” The Consul said, leaving his words hang in the air. “Upon this day, We, THE Great Clan, Naga Sadow,”

“And House Marka Ragnos.” Xolarin and Hades said in unison, standing off to the left.

“With full support from House Shar Dakhan.” Malisane echoed from the right.

“Ask you to rise, as a Knight of Naga Sadow.”

Crawramek and Shimura stood in unison, the members of House Marka Ragnos bursted from the gloom and began cheering wildly at the newest member amongst their ranks. Shimura turned to his student and embraced him. “Go now, use what I’ve taught you, and never stop learning.” The student embraced his master once more.

Congrats Crawramek!

We’re all looking forward to your future accomplishments!

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