Balancing the Books - March Event


Balancing the Books - March Event




Welcome Arconans,

Balancing the Books - It is here! Go check it out and dive in!

Read the Fiction here:

  • Note: again our thanks to Qyreia and Rhylance for their assistance in reviewing this event in its entirety.

For the month of March we have generated the next chapter in the unfolding events of Arcona’s conflict against the Collective. We are focusing on ongoing efforts to recover from the devastating results of months of ongoing conflict in their home system. With this in mind, the Lord Consul has issued orders for both Houses to make use of intelligence recovered by the Dajorra Intelligence Agency and House Qel-Droma to lead assaults on Collective targets.

Below you will find links to each of the Events taking place. Much like the Rites of Supremacy and last Great Jedi War we will be making use of a bin system for this event. There are three categories:

  • Event Long (The entire duration of March)
  • Phase 1 (Active until March 15th)
  • Phase 2 (Active March 15th through 31st)

Competitions in each Phase are divided into competition types, or 'bins'. The first time a member participates in a competition within a Phase's bin, that member is awarded the participation points associated with that bin. In addition, members earn bonus participation points by participating in at least one competition in each bin. Individual competitions still award crescents, and members that place in the top 3 earn bonus participation points towards the event.

The individual(s) who contribute the most towards participation (completion of events, bonuses from participating in each phase and individual placement awards) will be the winner of the event.

We have chosen the following rewards to the House who completes the Event with the highest number of participation points:

  • 1st Place: 250,000 credits will be awarded to the Houses account
  • 2nd Place: 150,000 credits will be awarded to the House’s account

We will also be awarding credits for the top (5) placing members as an additional reward to their Houses. Participation is our focus, however we strongly believe in the importance of challenging our members to put their best into every entry they make.


Arcona’s March Event - Balancing the Books

A few notes concerning the Gaming Events for this event.

It is important to ensure you follow the established Rites of Combat for any competition that includes PVP Gaming (which included both Hearthstone and Jedi Academy). When establishing matches this can only be done via #DB Gaming on Telegram. Secondly, it is very important to ensure that if you only intend to play games for the particular competition that you specify this when asking.

Ex: “Anyone want to get any games in for (insert competition name)” - this will ensure that other members know you are only attempting to play games for those competitions. As both competitions specify only entries vs your fellow Clanmates are applicable. This is important.

If you choose to simply ask “Anyone want to play JA” you can and will be challenged by members outside of Arcona and per the Rites of Combat would be considered Match Dodging if you then chose not to do so.

Take the fight to them!

Event Long Fiction and Graphics Bin

Event Long Gaming Bin

Phase 1 Fiction and Graphics Bin

  • Breaking Spirits Phase 1's fiction option, where you'll get to 'persuade' an enemy officer to cooperate.
  • Loot Phase 1’s graphic entry event, to display what you imagine your ill-gotten gains to be.

Phase 1 Gaming Bin

  • Apex Legends Free To Play Challenge your skills within the new Apex Legends game.
  • Jedi Academy Challenge your fellow Arconans for dominance in Jedi Academy.

Phase 1 Miscellaneous Bin

Phase 2 Fiction and Graphics Bin

  • "Tag" GFX Event to display a symbol, image or tag representing yourself, your team or House.
  • Dealing With It A chance to write about your character and how they're dealing with adversity.

Phase 2 Gaming Bin

Phase 2 Miscellaneous

  • Crossword A standard, thematic Crossword!
  • Trivia Answer questions based on recent Clan fiction!


Shadow Scion of Arcona

Uji Tameike

Shadow Lord of Arcona

Kordath Bleu

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