Deep Waters Rising Part 1


Deep Waters Rising Part 1



Dajorra System

Hak Jubal was a Selenian like any other. He worked hard to provide for his family and did his work well. He excelled as an astrophysicist who studied planetary alignments and the effects of strange galactic shifts in the stars.

What most wouldn’t know is that he held a long-hidden secret. He was descended from a divinely selected group of guardians. Guardians who watched over and protected their true rulers. They kept the secret until the prophesied moment. He knew of the Clan of Force Users that controlled their lives from the shadows. When their true rulers awoke, they would destroy the usurpers and take their rightful place.

The moment had come. A rare planetary alignment had awakened one of the rightful rulers of Selen from her deep slumber. The time was close for the remaining Old Gods to return as well. One of them had been found, but they needed to be recharged.

“Right this way, mi’lady.” Hak led a woman cloaked in an extravagant hooded gown. She walked with a delicate grace, her feet almost seeming to not touch the ground as she glided across the damp floor. The pair, followed by two other disciples, walked through a series of underground tunnels that fed power to the great underwater city of Celeste.

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Hello, Our Lovely Arconans!!!

Welcome to our newest Clan event, “Deep Waters Rising”. Picking up a few months after the temple tragedy of the vacation event, the underwater city of Celeste has been experiencing strange power outages and other weird occurrences. There are also reports of creatures matching the description of what we found in the temple that have been attacking maintenance men and women, along with other citizens.

Arcona has been dispatched to deal with the situation, while the Consul and Proconsul deal with a situation at the Museum of Selenian History. Something is awakening on Selen, and it is up to our clan to keep our planet safe.

This event will take place over four weeks, with a total of 13 competitions to participate in. We have put a lot of work into the planning for this storyline so we hope that you enjoy what we came up with.

After the first two weeks of the event, we will release a follow-up news post with another small fiction setting up the second half of this event.

You can find the competition page following this LINK

The competitions in progress include:

  • A four-week Cluster race.

  • A two-week multi-prompt fiction.

  • A two-week graphic competition where you’re asked to design a creature.

  • A one-week puzzle competition.

  • And a one-week flash game competition.

Next week there will be a Cryptogram and a Wordsearch competition!

If you have any questions, feel free to hit Lucine and me up on Telegram, or via email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

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