Odan-Urr May Update


Odan-Urr May Update


Hello there. Today I am happy to share with you all a wonderful post-event fiction for our first peacekeeping event, aka Kidnapped! I also will break down our newest peacekeeping event that is running right now, called Toxic! Then I’ll cover some March Scimitar results and pass out some reminders I’d like to share. Let’s get into it!



Clan Fiction Update - Kidnapped, An Aftermath

Our first peacekeeper mission went quite well and gave me plenty of awesome stuff to write with for you all. As a reminder for those who need a refresher, here is a snippet from my last report containing the story crawl and a summary of what our writers put together.

Story Crawl

Kidnapped! A Quorahi village has gone missing. Every man, woman, and child vanished as if in an instant. Shock across the Vatali Empire as the news spreads across the system of the peaceful artisanal tribe’s Disappearance. Known for their intricate glasswork and their almost childlike good natures, outrage in the Vatali empire is practically universal. Meanwhile, a lonely call for help outside Kiast has been intercepted by SeNet. It simply reads “Help Quorahi. Slavers” along with coordinates to a slave outpost in the outer rim, specifically the planet Felucia. Intelligence has confirmed the involvement of local pirates, who are eager to rebuild their power, and has traced out a route to a Zygerrian Slaver’s outpost, where the missing village is held captive.

For over a thousand generations, our spiritual forebears, the Jedi Knights, were the guardians of peace and justice. It is time to reclaim that mantle. Odan-Urr has volunteered to help, sending a team to rescue them in the hopes that the slaves can be found before they are sold and lost forever...

What our Authors Wrote

  • Essik Lyccane & Celevon Erinos: This pair was successful in their mission through a mixture of partially failed guile, some serious ass kicking, and calling in the calvary. No credits involved and everyone was saved, both our own and those unlucky enough to join them. When those they saved get home, they will say an army of Odan-Urr came to save them. The Jedi are back, they have backup, and they just captured a lot of slavers. Of note, the detailed scenes for this fiction were excellent, one of which showed one our lost citizens losing something rather dear to him.

  • Jon Silvon & Vez Hirundo: This pair was successful in their mission by using guile, a metric ton of other people’s credits, some physical force, and when required some tier 1 bravery that usually gets you killed. After buying all our people back, they went back to save the others and with their skills and the lucky intervention of the Force they lived to tell the tale. When those they saved get home, they will say two Odanites saved us. The Jedi are back, even if the pair swears they aren’t.

  • Gui Sol & Revak Kur: This pair was sadly too late for a rescue mission as no one was alive by the time they got there. However, they did meet the sephi-version of gollum and discovered a mysterious vial that appears to have killed them all.

From these submissions, I am pleased to share with you all a fiction update, showing the aftermath to our Kidnapped event!


Kairn River Village
37 ABY

Good cheer spread around the local cantinas on all the Vatali settled worlds, from Kiast to Solyiat, and even to the frontiers of Daleem. The strike teams sent to Felucia had returned triumphant, their treasured Quorahi tribe returned safely to their ancestral homelands. In a rare display of unity and despite recent events, Sephi and Quorahi alike raised a glass to the heroes and heroines that had saved their kinsmen. For once, the Vatali Holonet didn’t cover any politics but rather devoted the day's broadcasts to capturing the celebrations, providing breaking news on the efforts to help rebuild the tribe, and of course the famed tribe itself. Everyone was simply happy and wanted to know more.

To the tribe that just returned home, they mostly just wanted life to be normal again...

Read the full fiction here!

Did you read the thing? No? Go back and read it…

Did you read the thing now. I can’t see you through the computer screen but I’m going to assume that’s a yes. Here is a fun tldr:

  • Odanites are the cool kids invited to a special day camp at Kairn River Village, other Quorahi and Sephi get jealous and try to join in on the fun. Much side eye.
  • Joint celebration held by Kairn Chief and Odanite Councillor Aura Ta’var and V’yr Vorsa to hand out super awesome glass pendants to all the frontline heroes, aka Ka Tarvitz, Celevon Edraven, Vez Hirundo, Jon Silvon, Gui Sol, Revak Kur, Agate Gua’lara, and Ruti Tar. Much Sparkle. Wow. Councillors distracted by shiny things during their meeting.
  • We are starting to get fan mail and have several standing offers to hang out, in particular at Nar Shadaa, Felucia, and Lah’mu. Sleepover?
  • Odan-Urr invited as honorary members of the Kairn River Village, party invite pending due to remodeling efforts. Gotta do it right.
  • Mysterious vials found that should not be ingested no matter how much someone tells you it will make you happy.
  • There are more happy people in the galaxy who know they aren’t alone. Go Odan-Urr! :)


Next Peacekeeper Event is Live!: Toxic!

The galaxy is a busy place so we already have our next Peacekeeper mission. This time we journey to an outer-rim moon called Dorumaa, known for its excellent resort, charming turtles, and copious reasons to waste credits. Unfortunately, it also has a drug problem…

Story crawl time!

Toxic! An addictive deadly new drug has hit the market and is spreading fast. Every man, woman, and child that consumes it dies wanting more. Concerned citizens, who find themselves targeted by dealers, cry out for help but their governments are unequipped or unwilling to take on lucrative blackmarkets. Moreover, the Perlemian Cartel, a powerful crime Syndicate, actively protects its distribution channels, silencing any who threatens the operation. But alas, one voice broke through, sending a coded message to Odan-Urr. It reads “Help. Found the source. Deep Sea Facility. Hurry” along with coordinates to a moon called Dorumaa. Intelligence has confirmed an industrial site that matches the description but local authorities, Dorumaa Investment Group won’t let anyone closer for safety precautions, afraid of what might happen if the Cartel makes good on their promise to release it into the planetwide ocean.

Odan-Urr has volunteered to help shut down the operation for good, without harming the ecosystem. A team has been sent and the deep sea awaits. Will they make it in time?

Did she just say Deep Sea facility? Yes. Yes she did. Break out your swim trunks/scuba gear, creature control, and imagination because I’ve got some wonderful opportunities for you all.

This clan event has an overall winner and 3 sub-competitions, one of which is a team event. The competitions consist of a team battleplan, graphics, and a cluster race. For those wanting more competitions, I really wanted to make sure you all had time to create good quality submissions, particularly for the battle plan as it is our first underwater battle plan. Let’s talk more about them. ^^

Underwater Battle!

This is the piece de resistance of this event, featuring an underwater team battleplan. Yes, underwater. I have yet to see a club battleplan go under the watery depths and I’m very excited to bring to you all that opportunity. For those new to a battleplan, pretend you are pitching a mission idea to me that if accepted you would have to go on. This is a mix of written text and drawn pictures and you can present your battleplan in a variety of ways. Some advice though is to use pictures to clearly show key stages of your plan, showing both your actions and the enemies.

Using provided intelligence and resources, create a battle plan that shuts down the Perlemian Cartel’s drug operation and prevents them from dumping their harmful toxin and related research experiments into the ecosystem. Hurry and you might catch them off guard... Here is a gif to motivate you to check this comp out further. I’ve left you lots of toys to play with.


On Our Way

This is a standard graphics competition, where you are being asked to draw what the scene looks like as Odan-Urr travels down to the Deep Sea Facility. Do you use technology or the local wildlife? What do your surroundings look like? What does the facility look like from a distance? You decide. Remember to state all image sources if you edit an existing image.

War Against Drugs

This is your standard cluster race, which means that all gaming is allowed (PvP, PvE, PvO) and the one with the most clusters wins. Remember to use the FISTBot for PvP matches. If you have any questions we can train you up! For each cluster you obtain, Odan-Urr will discreetly move credits from a warlord’s account to help convince people to just say no. Up for a little mischief for a good cause?

If you haven’t done one of these before that is okay. We can show you how it's done. Feel free to ask me any questions or reach out to your master or summit member. We are here to help.. Give them a try and start your next Star Wars adventure. :)


2020 March Scimitar of Lord Hoth results


Another month gone and another group of winners to crown. For those new to this, we tally up all your activity and whoever gets the most gets that above fancy sword. Each month’s tallies are counted for an overall winner at the end of the year. So without further ado let’s get to some March results!

Everyone join me in congratulating our march winner, Agate Gua’lara, as well as our runner-ups who placed in the competition!!!


We had 17 participants so congratulations to those that placed as well. Remember that each month’s total adds up to a final amount at the end of the year so keep earning those points! If you want more info on how it works though, look here for more details. Congratulation again to our march winner and our runner ups!!


Final Reminders

Lastly, I have a few reminders for you all that I wanted to pass on as we move through the month of May.

  • Stay Safe: I know things are crazy right now but stay safe and keep your spirits up. If you need a little help with that here is a short video and a discourse post with lots of details.
  • Recruitment: Having fun and want to share it with others? We are actively recruiting new members who want to play out their very own Star Wars adventure. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to our Rollmaster, Gui Sol. Also, remember to friend us on Facebook!
  • Community Events: If you have a game you like to play or a joint activity you’d like to do and we aren’t already doing it, please let us know and we can do the thing. These events serve the group and if you volunteer to host you get extra credit that we can use when promotions and medals go around. ^^
  • Ask Questions: We have some new competition types out for some of you. I highly encourage you to give them all a try. I promise you they will show up again and they won’t be as chill. We are here to teach you so feel free to ask questions. You’ll see me reaching out to see how you are all doing as this month moves along though.


Thanks for reading this news update. There will be more to come at the end of the month but I wanted to reiterate a big thank you of appreciation to all that participated in the Kidnapped competitions and of course a big congratz to our March Scimitar winner. Have fun with the clan event competitions and reach out if you need any help. Till next time :)

~Signed with Pheromones


Thank you for the fiction and the immense number of updates on here.

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