Redemption and Honor: Aftermath


Redemption and Honor: Aftermath


On the surface of Tarthos

38 ABY

The Corellian nodded briefly. He would make a tempting target. “Both of you, go ahead and scout out the old home. I will review the feed from the Houses.” The soldiers looked at each other in uncertainty for a moment before. The Shistavean shrugged at her Mirlian counterpart, and the pair stalked through the trees with their weapons at the ready.

Ashia would call you a fool, you realize? Do you really think it is worth all the trouble if you get struck down by some lucky idiot so close to your former throne?

The thought brought a bitter smile to the Sadowan’s lips as he lifted his data pad and started poking at its surface. Reports began streaming across the screen detailing how the fleet headed by Hades had struck at Tarthos. It continued to describe how they had joined briefly with the Dakhani Quaestor above Aeotheran. Rather than being satisfied with these victorious maneuvers alone, the Markosian fleet had even managed to slip away again. Rather than withdrawing or repositioning, Hades had moved to help soften up the forces poised over the jungle world. It had certainly been impressive.

It was as impressive as the Markosian attempts on the ground to seize the Cathedral. Though, Bentre mused he should have expected as much where Xolarin, Ciara and Kojiro had been concerned. He was sure that Muz had played his own part in things as well. He would have to make a point of consulting with the Grand Master later about the next stage in their plans.

Takagari KogaRyu, more commonly known as "Darkhawk", had worked to ensure Dakhani success on the ground and in space as well. He had directed the House as Macron Goura softened up targets and rent flesh upon the surface. He had directed the House as Locke and Sanguinius deployed upon the surface, and as Malisane worked to bring the city under some tenuous control.

This crusade for their home had been more than merely remarkable. Ashura Isradia and Sith Bloodfyre had appeared and worked upon Tarthos, to great effect. The reports continued on, and Bentre had not made his way through a quarter of their contents before the Milirian soldier had returned.

“We have secured the location, sir. If you can please follow me.”

The Corellian Sith nodded, lowering his datapad. This was a moment he had been planning for several months, and had been dreaming of for months before that. He had been anticipating it since they had first left. He felt a waves of emotion wash over him as he walked through the jungle. When he finally stepped out of the trees, he looked up and locked eyes upon the familiar site of the Temple of Sorrow.

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  • The end of Redemption and Honor sees Clan Naga Sadow finally with feet on the ground.
  • The Collective have withdrawn in part.
  • It does not appear that the Collective have given up on the Orian System.
  • Other projects have drawn away the attention of the Collective
  • It appears Clan Naga Sadow may be able to breathe easy for a short time.
  • The Consul is already putting his machinations into order, with a renewed purpose.
  • The Clan must grow!

Now the Summits, Houses and Clan are working on some nice shiny things for some members, and we are already crafting a bit of the "where do we go from here."

As always, keep your eyes out for updates, highlights, and coming soon- some very special broadcasts.

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Also, we will be releasing additional fiction which will help to move the story along a bit. :D

In the meantime, I remain, as ever, your Servant (Overlord) in Darkness,


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