Tensions in the Orian Empire: A Naga Sadow Event


Tensions in the Orian Empire: A Naga Sadow Event


Despite the recent War in Arx, life seemed to just drag on. As much as things changed, they seemed to stay the same. Since Bentre Sadow had joined the Clan, since he joined the Brotherhood, it seemed as though peace was a rare commodity.

Peace is a lie, Kairn'tel. The voice chided him again in its soft tones. He had to resist the urge to talk back to the rasping words crawling in the back of his skull. He had grown used to the internal conflicts, but it was getting worse. The voices were getting more insistent. Where once he had suppressed the loudest of them, one had continued to persist above the others.

"More reports are coming in, sir." Takagari handed a datapad to the Overlord. There was, if not an uncertainty, a hesitance to the Proconsul's words. There was a measure of concern in the man's eyes as he watched his Consul.

How quaint. The voice practically cooed. It was mocking, as usual.

Bentre nodded at his Proconsul, giving the device a cursory glance. There was still so much to do. He considered the options for a moment, before the perfect idea slowly formed in his head. What had before been bare uncertainty and naked stress melted away into a cocksure grin. The Shaevelian tilted his head keenly toward the Corellian Sith, waiting to hear what the man had to say.

“You know what, Takagari? All this time we have worked together, we have spoken at length on what I hope to accomplish. I have told you what needs to be done. The sticking point has always been one thing or another. Though, really, there is no reason to wait. I think that it is time.”

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What is it that is time for? Well, for one it is time for a mini event for Clan Naga Sadow! The Overlord and by extension the Summit have decided that enough is enough. The government of the Orian system has been under the control of Clan Naga Sadow for years already, and with a return to form as a Sith empire, secrecy is being eschewed in exchange for shows of strength.

With a declaration of rule transmitted throughout the system, ripples have already started to spread through the "Orian Empire."

Tensions in the Orian Empire will be a three week mini-event, starting on the 21st of October which will provide some chances for competitions as well as a few opportunities for members to help shape the future of the Orian system and our Sith empire. Seems a little soon? Well, there is a fictional cause for the abruptness of the event. (hint hint)

While you wait for the event to start, you can check the container competition here.

Watch your email boxes for updates around this event, as well as some additional framing fiction. I hope to see lots of you come out and compete, Naga Sadow. I really hope to see you all help us direct and refine our Clan and personal storylines, everybody.

Yours In Darkness,


Overlord of Naga Sadow

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