Clan Plagueis: A Call to Arms


Clan Plagueis: A Call to Arms

The Pinnacle, Command Center


Unknown Regions

Clan Plagueis was scattered throughout the Pinnacle and its surrounding area. Some were finding a new home, some were searching for a headquarters for their house, some were helping with rebuilding the complex, and some were just helping with the odds and ends that came with moving the unit’s headquarters from the Anchorage to the surface of Aliso. It had been weeks of back and forth by this time. The Ascendant Fleet was in orbit above the Pinnacle, mostly abandoned while its officers and crew were helping with efforts on the ground. The Anchorage was similarly staffed with a skeleton crew. It was one of the rare times that so many of the forces of Plagueis were amassed in one area for non-combat reasons. But, despite all of this, real progress was being made very quickly on getting the vast Pinnacle complex up and running again.

The Dread Lord, Teylas Ramar, was spending most of his time in the command center of the Pinnacle signing and approving orders of repair, to bring wings of starfighters from the fleet to the Pinnacles starport, and generally directing the flow of traffic by his forces. His Wrath, Selika Roh, and Overseer, Dracaryis, were both similarly caught up in the bureaucracy and administration that was unavoidable in this situation. None of them were particularly happy about it but once Plagueis was more firmly settled into the Pinnacle it would be much more appeasing to them.

The Pinnacle, as they've come to find, was nothing short of a fortress. Plagueian engineers have been able to get most of the bases systems operational in a short amount of time. The fact that it laid dormant and untouched was a huge advantage to the quick turnaround. It's secrecy within the CIS was pivotal to that. The engineers, in fact, were able to data mine the bases massive computer core for bits of information to find out that it was, in fact, a multi-faceted complex and not just a prison as originally thought.

The bigger mystery for Teylas, however, was what happened to the former CIS staff. The simplest explanation was that they simply left. But when they found the base it almost seemed like everyone left in a hurry: right in the middle of their daily lives. Not to mention some of the old CIS starfighters were still in the starport, although they were all torn apart for their components to fix some of the broken systems throughout the Pinnacle. 'A mystery for another day,' he thought.

Deep in what had amounted to his daily pile of paperwork, the Dread Lord's concentration was broken by the sound of an alarm klaxon in the command center. Looking up with a cold stare from the station he was sitting at, as if he was almost annoyed to be distracted from the job he had grown to hate, he cleared his throat. One of the officers sitting at a console nearby seemed to grow panicked.

"What's going on, lieutenant?" he finally asked projecting his voice through the thick sound of the klaxon.

"A fleet just appeared in orbit. They don't appear to be broadcasting an IFF…" the ensign replied.

Standing from his seat Teylas shouted, "Signal the fleet to reconfigure into defensive posture and try to hail the unknowns."

"I've been trying sir. No response. Our fleet is attempting to get into position but the ships are barely crewed, and Admiral Ranin is on the surface helping with efforts down here," the ensign passionately added.

"My lord, they're opening fire on our fleet!" Brigadier Xera, a veteran of the Ascendant Legion who was also in the command center, yelled.

Teylas pressed a few commands into the center console he had been standing at which activated a holographic projection of what the sensors were recording. It was true. An unknown enemy fleet was striking when Plagueis was at its weakest - caught completely off guard - and inflicting damage.

"Order the ships to...” Teylas began to order but just as quickly as he started to talk the enemy fleet was tearing the Ascendant Fleet to shreds. In truth, those vessels took too many officers and crew to man, and there was no way they'd be able to put up a fight. Ships were disappearing from the holographic projection as quickly as Teylas could move his eyes in reaction. Finally he grabbed Xera by the collar of his uniform jacket, "Get our best pilots into the starfighters were have in the starport and get them in the air."

As Xera ran out of the room to prepare a fighter defense, the Anzat Dread Lord turned to the ensign again, "Activate the shield around the Pinnacle."

"My lord, we haven't even had a chance to test that system yet."

"Our complacency to defend ourselves because we thought we were safe in this backwater system is why this is happening!" he shouted. "If that shield doesn't activate and those ships turn their weapons on the surface it isn't going to matter!"

"Aye sir…" the ensign responded as she pressed the commands into her console to activate the bases shield.

Teylas, tense and frustrated with what was going on, waited apprehensively to see if the Pinnacles shield would activate. Looking out the window he sighed in relief as the structures massive shield did, in fact, activate covering the Pinnacle itself and the surrounding complex. He turned to see Selika, Dracaryis, and Crandl Lorne, their Inquisitorius agent, rush into the command center.

"What the hell?" Dracaryis hurriedly questioned.

"We're under attack. We… were under attack. The unknown fleet is already starting to depart," the Dread Lord reported.

"How bad is it?" Selika questioned.

Teylas pressed a few commands into the holographic display control panel. The display changed and reported more statistical data. "It looks like the fleet is completely destroyed," the consul added.

The Pinnacle, Command Center


Unknown Regions

Three Days Later

"Our starfighters are still patrolling the system just in case, but no sign of whoever the hell it was that attacked us," Dracaryis reported as the leadership of Plagueis was assembled.

"The Ascendant Legion is assembled and ready to depart at your order, m'lord. Luckily most of our ground forces had already been transferred from the fleet to the surface before the attack," General Benzayn reported coldly.

The meeting was interrupted as Crandl Lorne approached the assembled summit. "Pardon the interruption, but I've checked with my sources in the Inquisitorius: the people who attacked us are believed to be a small fringe remnant of the old Galactic Empire. They're not far from here. Headquartered at a planet called Capis."

"They probably perceived our position here as a tactical weakness; a threat to them directly," the Dread Lord's Wrath theorized. The rest of them nodded in agreement. It was as good a theory as any at that point.

"How do you plan to respond?" Lorne seemed to almost question the authority of the Dread Lord.

Brigadier Xera, who had been commanding Ascendant forces since the attack from the Pinnacles command center, interrupted, "Sir, another fleet is entering orbit. IFF indicates they're Brotherhood transport ships; various sizes and classes. They're sending a message that says: with complements - Farrin Xies."

"That's how we respond," Teylas responded very matter of factly as he stared down the Inquisitorius agent. Turning to the rest of his staff, "Our alliance with the Tarenti forces has worked out. Farrin has agreed to exercise a bit more power as the new Headmaster to supply us troop transports to follow through on Mister Lorne's intelligence. We'll head to where these 'remnants' are headquartered and teach them the meaning to misery. Arden, Taranae: I want you to assemble your houses and respective forces. I want to launch a three-pronged attack once we arrive to maximize damage and chaos."

"Understood," Arden responded as Taranae nodded in agreement before the two turned about and left to fulfil their orders.

"Let's load up and head out," Teylas smirked as he looked at Selika and Dracaryis. "We leave at dawn."

GR-75 Transport

In Orbit of Aliso

Unknown Regions

Cradl Lorne huddled into the corner of a small compartment of the transport alone. Activating a holocomm it sprung to life.

"What's your status?" the mysterious figure over the holocomm questioned.

"The Plagueis forces are on their way now to Capis. Are our forces ready?" Lorne asked.

"They are. What can we expect? Do they suspect you?"

"Minimal resistance. We'll be able to rid ourselves of one of the stronger militaries of the Brotherhood in one fell swoop. As for as suspicions… I'm an Inquisitorius. They dare not question me or my loyalty for fear of reprisal from the Brotherhood's Grand Master," Lorne stated very matter-of-factly. He paused for a moment, "I'll contact you when we reach orbit. Prepare the forces for a ground invasion."

"Understood. This will be one victory among many against the Dark Jedi Brotherhood," was the final comment as the holocomm was deactivated.


A Call to Arms

And with that we launch the Clan Plagueis event "A Call to Arms"! The event will take place over the next 3 weeks with competitions each week of all different variety. The event itself will be pitting House Karness Muur vs House Ajunta Pall to show which house will currently hold the title of Most Awesomest House. At the end the points accumulated by the members of each house will be added up and the winner will be announced; but aside from that, there will also be an overall individual winners of the event. The scoring system will be very similar to the Pro Bowl (the formula can be found in the container competition linked at the beginning of this paragraph).

You can all expect to get some good pushes from your quaestors, Arden Karn and Taranae Rhode, as well as their awesome aediles, Malice and Laren Uscot. But not only is this for the glory of the house, but also for the battleteams and our newest members! So make sure you do your house proud and appease the Dread Lord who has tasked each house with giving it back to the enemy!

Fictionally this will be one of the first real tests of Teylas' command over Clan Plagueis as an underdog. While we'll be going on the offensive in retaliation, we're truly at a disadvantage. However, in all my years in Plagueis, I've found that some of the best times have been when we were the underdogs. ;) Week one will be our arrival at

I also promise no ridiculous jigsaws this time. Sorry, Misium. Also no forced pazaak. Sorry, Kelly.

Here are the events for each week:

Week One

Week Two

Week Three


A New di Plagia

A rare occurrence, but one that I'm very happy to announce to you all. For a bit now I had been contemplating the right time to bring a name forward to the other di Plagia for addition into our group (we've been so crazy busy and active lately!). The di Plagia is a title that is the highest honor that can be given to anyone in Plagueis. It is typically bestowed upon the members with the utmost loyalty, dedication, and activity. It isn't an easy feat to achieve at all and this will be the first induction in over a year. With those requirements it should come as no surprise to anyone in the Dark Brotherhood that Dracaryis has earned his place as the newest di Plagia. His accomplishments are numerous, his activity is extraordinary, and his dedication to Clan Plagueis is unquestioned.


Congrats Drac! Few deserve this distinction more than you <3

Congrats Drac! Well deserved, indeed. :)

well done Drac. I envy your accomplishment and am glad you have received such a high valor title.

Horray Drac! Welcome to the sekrit clubhouse

Does anyone know who about the ememy

what I mean is do know who attack us

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