[Clan Scholae Palatinae] Disruption on Mount Karbon! Midpoint!


[Clan Scholae Palatinae] Disruption on Mount Karbon! Midpoint!

“Kadrol, what’s your status?” the battleteam leader of Tacitus Athanasius quipped.

The Pantoran Hunter gleaned over the data in front of him. He heard Derek loud and clear, but the information was too interesting to pass up that quickly.

Ammo caches, support for the enemies of our enemies, secret weapon manufacturing, I’m sure my colleagues in Imperium would have loved to get their hands on this first Kadrol thought to himself. The Pantoran sifted his has through his sweaty blond hair. Looking over at the comm, he picked it up and spoke:

“Yep, Der-bear. I got what you need.”

The BTL responded, “Hey! I’m the only one here that can call people non functioning names!”

“Can’t let you have all the fun, youngling!”

Derek huffed through the comm. Kadrol scrolled further into the holopad. His eyes grew wide.

“What’s this...” he clamored to himself, setting down the commlink. He read the sentence again just to be sure it said what it said:


James Malum reached out to the security camera, gently forcing it to overload. Swiftly running up to the corner of the hallway, he peeked around seeing one guard. He silently stepped along the wall. Not hearing the Knight, the guard kept his steady stance at the innocuous doorway.


The Knight delivered a blow to the throat, before kicking out his knee and dropping him slowly to the ground. Still near the ground, he looked at the doorway.

“Simple door, simple mechanics. They probably want people to think this is a nothing room,” James whispered to himself.

He felt his way through the electronic systems, closing his eyes and holding up his hand. He felt a knob and button, proceeding to press both at the same time.


The door slid open, revealing a computer console inside.

After pulling the guard in, and preparing himself for whatever the console had in mind for him, he strode up to the console and sifted through the data. Finding a firewall, he proceeded to pull out a spike, “No idea how this works beyond what my friend showed me, but glad he gave it to me.”

The data fell through, allowing James to see further. James widened his eyes in surprise.

He pulled him his commlink and hit the communicator button, delivering a message, “Reiden, this is James. I have some info on the crime families. Turns out they are working with the Moldates as well. They have slowly snuck people inside Caelestis City and the Nayaman mercenaries. They are planning an attack at some point using…their nuclear technology. I have...”

But James was cut off. “A jammer!” he whispered angrily.

He pulled out a padd and began looking through instructions hastily. He opened the computer and equally searched for something and looked at the instructions. With an “aha!” moment at hand, James ripped out what he thought was a harddrive.

He immediately opened the door again. To the right were a squad of guards coming his way. So he ran.

I’m in Excidium. Lol.

Seems this would’ve been more interesting if James was too.

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