A New P:HM


A New P:HM

Greetings all,

The original plan was for me to announce the new P:HM about 36 hours ago, but I've had a lot of difficulty making the decision. I had some excellent candidates that I went back and forth on. However, I'm confident in my choice. Please offer congratulations/condolences to Seraphol as he takes on an even larger role in the Shadow Academy than he has held for the years he's been a Professor.

He's got some huge shoes to fill. I already mentioned this in my report, but I am grateful to Laren for all that he's done in his ten months as my Praetor. In an attempt to come even close to repaying him for his service, I was proud to be part of recommending him for a Ruby Scepter. Hopefully he won't beat too many people with it.

Congrats, DS!


Congrats old man!


Woooooooooooooooooo, Daniel!

My condolences, you have them. But it'll be interesting to see what happens in the days to come.

Good job brother.


Congratulations Sera

Congratz on your RS, Laren!

Congratz on Praetor, Sera!! :D

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