A Second Golden Lightsaber for Pravus!


A Second Golden Lightsaber for Pravus!

My friends,

It is my distinct honor tonight to announce the award that Pravus has received for his service as Grand Master. The Star Chamber, in coordination with the Dark Council and the Consuls, has evaluated the service of Pravus to the Brotherhood, which we find to be exemplary. He is unmatched, and deserves the award of unmatched prestige.

There are few people that have ever received a Golden Lightsaber. Fewer have received two. I now welcome Pravus to those ranks, as the Star Chamber is awarding him with his second Golden Lightsaber! This is in recognition of a stellar career (to-date, as we know you aren't done), and a job well-done as Grand Master.

Please read the full Star Chamber recommendation and all of the other recs by clicking here.

In addition, I highly encourage each of you to join me in thanking Pravus for all he has done, here in the comments, on TG, or by email. He deserves to hear it from each of us.


Jac Cotelin

Dilly dilly!

Congratulations Pravus!

Thank you for everything. Sincerely.

Amazing! (Only been here for almost 8 months) It's probably very well deserved. Congratulations Dark Lord Pravus. Dilly Dilly! :P

Nicely done, Prav. Thanks for your work in that "uncomfortable iron seat".

Pravus well done.. since i dont know u and we hv no time to intro ourself, i just wish u well done as GM.. and hope you hv enjoyable with ur lifetime out there..... take care Pravus... May the force guide u all the way hahahaha...


Dilly Dilly

Dilly dilly indeed

Well done Pravus, now you can be all bling. Set of golden robes and you're sorted.

Sincerely, thank you for all you’ve done for us and this club.


He has one GLS yes, but what about second GLS? Congrats!

One more GLS and he gets a free sub.

Congratulations! Well done on second round of GM-ness.

Job Well Done

Congrats, dude!

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