A Special RM Update: DB Journeyman Mobile Application Beta Announcement


A Special RM Update: DB Journeyman Mobile Application Beta Announcement

A Special RM Update: DB Journeyman Mobile Application Beta Announcement

Greetings and welcome to a special announcement from your friendly Arcona Rollmaster. My project partner Esca and myself would like to extend an invitation to anyone with an android device to participate in. Sorry iPhone and Windows phone users, I simply do not know how to code for you.

What is it?

The Path to Knight is a mobile application which is a touchstone for our Journeymen to use. Its purpose is two fold, first to give our Journeymen a laid out list of the requirements for promotion as they appear on the wiki. Second is to allow them to choose which requirements they wish to complete for their promotions and then act as a mobile touchstone for them to use while they are away from their computers to better allow them to plan their day. This will allow our Journeymen to make a solid plan of what they need to do and have access to it wherever they may be.

What are we asking of you

This is your chance to test a mobile application before final release. We simply ask that you let us know your interest in the project and then follow the instructions below. We are planning on running several tests during the course of the overall beta test. With each new variation to the starting program a new page will appear housing it on the beta site. Also an e-mail will be sent out to all the participants informing them that the new version is available for testing. The amount of feedback we receive from the beta tests will determine the length of each testing phase. expect a minimum of 2 weeks between version release.

The expectations of participants

To become a participant please send Esca and myself an e-mail expressing your interest in the project, make sure to include your db name and pin number, then follow the instructions below.

  • First you will go to the Beta site and download the current beta version
  • Second you will explore every part of the application to find any issues with the content or functionality
  • Third you attempt to cause the application to fail, yes I am asking you to try and break the app
  • Finally you will write out your findings and email them to Esca and myself and please fill out this response form

If you wish to join in the beta test please go to the link below to download the application

The Path to Knight Beta Test

The beta test will begin immediately and everyone is welcome as long as they follow the above instructions.

I look forward to a great beta test!

Mako Henymory

Clan Arcona Rollmaster

ACB Staff

Very Cool.... to bad I'm already a DJK

Is there a point for non DJK members to participate in this test?

To give additional feedback. Stress test it past the limits of what's already been done. Just general input, really.

Awesome, I'll play around with it a bit!

We're moving up in the world, guys!

Being I do 90% of my DJB work via android, I'd love to help, but being an Equite, I can't

You can still test the app out and see if you can find any issues or offer input on what's currently there.

you know, when this is done and up and ready for use and im still not a DJK, i will definitely use.

Drake you are more than welcome to join in the beta test, everyone is. The app functions and has the most recent requierments on it. While testing you are certinly welcome to use it for the purpose it was created for.

I've been involved in a very limited capacity in early testing, and this is something that I'm pretty excited about -- Esca and Sight have put an insane amount of time into this, and I think it's something that can really help to move our club forward and make things easier for Journeymen across the DB. Become a beta tester and help these guys out as they attempt to improve the app for everyone's use!

Also buy an Android if you don't have one!

I wish this program were around when I was a Journeymen.


Way to go Arcona! Personally, if this works out great, I think you should push this to the whole DJB!

The beta is open to thw whole db and as long as beta goes well thats the plan for this app

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