AFL East / AFL West 2 Leagues-2 Comps (American FF Comp)


AFL East / AFL West 2 Leagues-2 Comps (American FF Comp)

Sorry guys. It's been a crazy week or so for me, and with the holiday weekend I actually had to head home and do my first live, in person draft with my home league. It went really well, it was a fun way of drafting I'd never got to experience before.

So, with Football on the mind, and the season (finallyyy) kicking off on Thursday night, I'm going to try and get this organized and up and running for us.

After discussion with Aabs, I'm fully aware that Edgar also already is running a 12-man league. Next year, we can look at options for how to incorporate the 20+ members we have interested in Fantasty Football, but for this year we are going to keep it simple.

Each league created will be its own competition. Who ever wins first, second, and third place, gets the appropriate crescents. That's all. Again, next year we can talk about how to run 3-leagues side by side, with the winners of each facing off somehow for the gran overall prize.

Once everyone is signed up, I will create respective threads on the Discourse forums for us to decide on draft times.

To make things easier, Arden and I will each commission one league.

My league will consist of:

AFL East
  1. Valtiere
  2. Nadrin
  3. Alaris
  4. Pravus
  5. Chaos
  6. Ernordeth
  7. Darkblade
  8. Vynn
  9. Zoron
  10. Wally

If you are one of the 9 members listed above, you can also sign up through here. If you are not one of those 9, please ignore the following link and information.

Join Here:
League ID: 2785125
League Password: darkjedi

AFL West

Ardens league will consist of:

  1. Kaira
  2. Dante
  3. Brimstone
  4. Armad
  5. Alexander DelGotto
  6. Delak
  7. Ra'gnar
  8. Rax
  9. Farrin
  10. Arden

Both leagues will use's standard scoring format.

I will be sending out e-mail invites for my league in short order. Check your DB-emails, and if you don't see anything by tonight, e-mail or message me directly: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Thank you guys for your patience.

Thanks for all you do Wally!

Of course Wally names his team after Dresden :P

Why are Wally's and Arden's names placed in emphasis?

Commissioners/people organizing the respective league.

ahhh in same league as arden again. last year, I beat him in week one, my only highlight other than winning the losers bracket in the playoffs

I'll get e-mails out too (eventually), but in the mean time, here's the relevant info:

League ID:1652457 Password:djbrulez1 Draft Type:Live Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014 10:30pm EDT

So it's clear, what I did was reactivated the league from last year. If you were in my league last year, you're set. (That should be 5 of you). The other 4 will get invites shortly.

Ty Arden <3

cool. was wondering why only 6 members

I'm getting an error message saying the league is full. Is that because I was invited into the wrong league? Inquiring minds need to know :P

Hmm, I'll look at it when I get home.

Should be fixed now. Hurry up though, draft is in 27 hours

Guys, really, hurry up and get in. 2230 Eastern tonight, I can't really push it back further

Rush isn't needed. If we miss week 1, it's ok, just make the playoffs go until week 16.

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