Appeals Panel Chosen


Appeals Panel Chosen

Good evening, Brotherhood.

The Hands of Justice and I have had a chance to convene to discuss the applicants for the next term of the Appeals Panel. We received many fine applications and are grateful for all of the interest. In the end, however, there can be only three.

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming as members of the Chamber of Justice the following individuals:

  • Sith Battlelord Pel of Clan Tarentum;
  • Sith Warrior Kenath Zoron of Clan Taldryan; and
  • Dark Jedi Knight Dek Rott of Clan Scholae Palatinae.

The three of you will receive "welcome packets" from me in the next few days to further explain your roles.

Thank you to the outgoing panelists: Legorii Arconae, Dacien Victae di Plagia, and Kell Palpatine Dante! Each of you have been awarded with an Anteian Cross for your service.

Until next time, behave yourselves.

~ Jac Cotelin
Justicar and High Protector of the Brotherhood

Congrats everyone, and look at Dek Rott from CSP with the call to law! Awesome stuff.

I wish all jobs in the DB came with welcome packets. With smiley faces and rainbow drawings.

Totally going to make that a thing now...

Welcome packets would certainly make things easier, but you lose some of the gun. Thanks for the service to the outgoing panelists, and grats to the newcomers.

Congrats new peeps!

Thanks, Jac! :)

JST look at these newly appointed panelists. Congrats!

Gratz Pel!

Congratulations to the new panel. It's a rough gig, you know? :p

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