[Arcona] ARCOU Event Update


[Arcona] ARCOU Event Update


Hey kids! As some of you know if you’ve checked your email in the past week, we’re running a joint event with Odan-Urr! This event is a celebration of our three years of alliance, as well as sinking our teeth into some Collective shenanigans.

You can find the opening fiction here, laying out much of the story of our little party. Additionally, at the end of the intro is a new addition featuring the Collective bad guys who are out to ruin our day.

The competition itself is here! There’s an even dozen competitions, some more in depth than others, but something for everyone! Note, the overall has no standing reward because this is a friendly event. Be polite, and make sure to read all the information for the competitions!

Speaking of friendly, the fiction event is a Co-Op fiction! If you’re not sure of whom amongst the other Clan you want to write with, there is a sign up sheet here to help you find someone.

So, plenty of stuff for everyone! Also, these are all the fiction updates we’re releasing until the event is over, so nothing to wait on.

The Consul Bride event is running till the 15th of April, so get on it!


So excited for this event and sinking my teeth into the activities, and my staff into some collectives.


It's been fun so far

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