Combat Master Flee!


Combat Master Flee!

Greetings, ACCers and spectators.

You may recall my previous report mentioned that I had to move the championship up a few weeks to compensate for a work trip on short notice. Because technical glitches and rules questions generally come up in the early stage of a competition like this, I thought that it was crucial that I be around and available during the initial round. Thanks mostly to James' ability to rapidly troubleshoot all of those technical glitches, the first round has run its course fairly smoothly.

I will be leaving for foreign shores tonight and will be gone through April 4. I will still have site, email, and Telegram access, but I will have very limited time and computer access most days. If you have ACC-related questions, I strongly recommend you email [Log in to view e-mail addresses] to ensure you get a timely response.

As of this writing, we have one more match open in the first round, which should be closing later today. My staff and I are working through the queue, but it will most likely take several days to judge the seven remaining matches. Once all of these have been judged and finalized, I'll be creating the matches for round 2 as soon as I am able.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you to everyone who's participated in the bracket! And, finally, congratulations to (so far) Andrelious, Scudi, Atra, Tra'an, Tisto, Kasula, Lucine, Rhylance, and Kordath for advancing to the next round!

Combat Master

Understood, thank you. I hope that you are not left too burned out by this journey.

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