Consul Handbook Revisions


Consul Handbook Revisions

Special Report - Consul Handbook Revisions

Update from Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz, Qormus Aquila, Marick Tyris Arconae, and Bentre Sadow


Earlier this year a special project was assembled by Deputy Grand Master Dacien Victae following discussion amongst the Consuls, Grand Master, and Deputy Grand Master to review, modernize, and expand upon the Consul Handbook. We have concluded this project and released the new Consul Handbook to the Wiki this evening.

You may also find a PDF copy of the handbook - here

Our objective was to ensure that members who were interested in, newly appointed, or tenured Consuls had a comprehensive guide to reference. As you can see below from the previous and current table of contents, the assembled group spent several months diving into what it meant to be a Consul.

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Of particular interest was focusing on how members could be successful in the role versus the previous focus on challenges, difficulties, and reasons why a Consul would be removed. The role of Consul is, based upon the opinion of this team, the most critical role within the DJB. You set the fictional stage for your Clan, develop your summit, generate activity, and reward your members.

We want every current and future Consul to know that when you're selected the whole Brotherhood is focused on setting you up for success.

Personally, I'd like to take a moment and thank my peers, Qormus, Marick, and Bentre for their collaboration on this project and for Bubba and Evant's feedback on our drafts.

Please enjoy this new version of the Consul Handbook!


First. I helped.

Second. Me too.

A fantastic revision. Great job everyone.

Go team!

Out of morbid curiosity as a former Consul...where is the old handbook that I was never told about? :P

This is a much needed revision, guys. Thanks for putting it together.

Kord: If you look at the history for the wiki article, you can pull up old versions. Aside from minor tweaks (e.g. the Wiki Tribune replacing "IRC" with "Telegram") it was last updated in 2011. I think the content may actually be from 2007. I did stumble across it but didn't find it helpful when I was CON.

I'll just echo the two comments above me and add that this looks pretty good!

If anyone is morbidly interested in the old draft you can view history and I have a copy of the old wiki page but felt there was no value linking multiple version given the aging of the previous version.

I love it when a plan comes together

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