Consul: Odan Urr


Consul: Odan Urr


Mav and I have selected A'lora Kituri as the First Consul of Clan Odan Urr. Please take the time to congratulate and wish A'lora good luck.

Grats Alora!

Wahoo A'lora! Congrats!

Nice, A'lora! Congratulations!

Congratulations, A'lora! I look forward to seeing COU go from strength to strength.


Much deserved congrats A'lora!

Congrats again A'lora!

Grats, A'lora!

Really? Cuz the main page says Tarentum Consul... :P

Just blame the panda like everyone else, Tarax ;)

Congrats Moro!

I had a feeling.

Congratulations, A`lora!

Congrats A'lora, good luck with your new position!

Congratulations, A'lora

It was an honor and a privilege serving with you on the Odan-Urr summit A'lora. I shamelessly stole a lot of your methods and systems when I came over to Arcona as an AED. I have no doubt Odan-Urr is in good hands and the future is bright.

Thanks for putting up with and guiding a young, upstart BTL ;)

Congratulations, A'lora!

Congrats A'lora!


Congratulations, A'lora, I cannot think of anyone better suited to guide us forward :)

I'll take "First!" as a catchphrase.

Thanks, everyone!


Congrats, A'lora!


Congratulations master Yoda, err, A'lora

Grats Alora, good luck


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