Consular Promotion: A'lora Kituri


Consular Promotion: A'lora Kituri

Greetings Everyone,

Please join me in congratulating Odan Urr's Consul, A'lora Kituri, on his/her promotion to Equite 4!

We have a terrible history of slow rewarding our Consuls and Councilors, but our current crop make it quite easy to highlight their accomplishments and reward them for their daily efforts.

A'lora has done a wonderful job since taking over as Consul of Odan Urr and we all look forward to his future work and eventual Elder promotion.

Congrats A'Lora!

Congrats A'lora! :D

Congrats again, you barely clothed non-human!

Congratulations, my dear! Well done and much love to you and your Jedi.

Outstanding work boss! It's been an honor working with you these past months.



Congrats again, A'lora!

Congratulations, A'lora!

Congratulations A'lora!!

Congratulations again A'lora, very well-deserved!


Congrats, A'lora!


Congratulations A'lora! COU is in a better place with you at the helm :)

Congrats! Throws confetti


Congrats A'lora!

Congratulations A'lora!!!

Congratulations <3


Congrats Lighty

Congratulations Boss!

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