COU-ARC Tides of Change: Results Out!


COU-ARC Tides of Change: Results Out!

Tides of Change

A Clan Odan-Urr and Clan Arcona feud

The Results Are In!

The tides of change have swept through the battlefield, the O’reenians driven back and the battle is over. New friendships were forged in the fires of battle, breaking the age-old tradition of Jedi against Sith. Joining forces against a common threat, Clans Arcona and Odan-Urr overcame insurmountable odds despite differing allegiances. Whether or not this tenuous alliance was meant to continue remains to be seen as the Consuls meet for final peace talks...

The epilogue to Tides of Change has been posted to each Clan’s discourse topics. Go check it out!

Odanites, find the epilogue here!

Arconans, find the epilogue here!

To the winners…

So we heard you like charts and graphs...

We’d like to give an enormous congratulation to our top five winners (damn, coulda been the Mane Six) and say well done to everyone who participated, submitted, raged, or otherwise made some new friends. It’s been grand, so let’s hear some hoorahs! Congrats! Well done! Skulls for the skull throne and sunshiney smiles for all!

...I mean, what?

Letter from the Consuls

Greetings, lovely members of Clans Arcona and Odan-Urr!

There is little more to say today. Enjoy the fruits of your labors and be proud of what you’ve accomplished here. Further fictional matters and the actual details of our little pact will be published on the wiki soon, and you can look respectively to your unit reports for more details on results and even more congratulations.

For now, we say thank you to each other for the amazing experience, thank you to Mav for his assistance in finalizing grades with us, and thank you to all of you for making this idea come to life. Well done, Arcona and Odan-Urr!

All as one, to victory!

Signed and sealed,

A’lora Kituri

Atyiru Caesura Entar

Thanks to all who participated and a big thanks to the organizers and DC'ers who made it all possible. You guys rock!

Now it's time for the PARTY CANNON!



Jesus...pie charts...that inner OCD is so happy right now.

Kickass work on this event, Atty, Alora, and everyone else who helped out. This is how event results should be presented all the time, and hopefully this means good things for competitions going forward.

Excellent work to all of the organizers and the participants, loved the event, enjoyed the hell out of getting to know some of the Odanites and sharing the struggle of balancing time for events. Can't wait to see what comes next to top this one.

I am to blame fur ze charts, ja? :P If anyone dislikes those...I'm sorry XD

Thanks to all the participants. You guys did an awesome job. Top quality entries all around and I had lots of fun grading, go figure. I thought it'd be a much bigger hassle. Thanks for the fun fics and funny graphics :D

Great report

Excellent work everyone! This vendetta was honestly the most fun I've had in a long time. Managed to make some new friends, reacquaint myself with old ones and enjoyed every moment of it.

Those pie charts, though... That's the most organized results I've seen for a Vendetta yet. Like Wally, my inner OCD person is squeeing with joy. Thank you all for proving us with this excellent opportunity and all of the hard work you put into it. <3

Excellent report. I love the charts and the transparency here. To everyone who completed, thanks for making this amazing. And to everyone who won: congratulations. You all are rockstars!

Wait wait. More importantly: we can imbed memes in Markdown on comments!???


Silly Wally. Upload to imgur->Copy direct link->add https instead of http.

This is beautiful. Well done to all who participated, and congrats to Turel & Arcona on the victory!

Everyone's a friendship! :D

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