[CSP] Daybreak and Design Your Emperor results

Scholae Palatinae Events Results – Daybreak

Caelestis City, the technological masterpiece of a city in the heart of Meraxis’ territory on Ragnath, was entirely dependant on external resources. Xantros had been heroic in his actions. Through his cunning and prowess in The Force, he had convinced the mayor of Caelestis to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head with a blaster pistol. Following that, the Augur led the main assault on the spaceport, capitalising in the disarray left behind by the assassination of the Mayor.

As the Imperial Scholae Army began to invade the city under the strategic eye of Ulfsark, Grand Vizier Braecen Kaeth placed increased pressure on the stand-in leader. Caelestis capitulated within the hour. Shadow Nighthunter soon hung the Scholae Palatinae logo from every Government building. Elincia Rei, newly proclaimed Empress of Scholae, took her place in the Mayor’s old office. Scholae Palatinae had found its new home.

Thousands of miles away, planetside, in the Maraxis capital of Nardash, Emperor Adoniram was feared by all. His top general relayed the news of the loss of Caelestis, a veteran of hundreds of battles quivering in fear at the thought of his Emperor’s anger. To his shock, the Emperor was eerily calm, with a sadistic smile. `I've already cemented an alliance that will bring about the end of this... Scholae Palatinae,’ he spat the name of his antagonist in disgust.

Hi Scholae Palatinae! This news post contains results of the recent event, Daybreak, as well as new plot updates! Participation numbers in this event were lower than in previous events, which is probably due to everything else happening in the clan right now. Firstly, Design Your Emperor was a fantastic success and we had a lot of really good ideas from everyone. As we have a GJW coming up fairly soon, the actual implementation of the character might have to wait until afterwards. For now, Eli will take the role of Empress until we can figure out how to proceed.


Now as for why you’re probably here, the results! This event had a standout winner in Xantros due mainly to his participation in the majority of the competitions in the event (notably the only one to submit to the phase 2 and long fictions). You can’t win a competition if you don’t compete! There were some easy crescents up for grabs here to anyone who submitted entries to these competitions. In second is Raiju, thanks to his excellent submissions in Phase 1 Graphics and Fiction. Finally, in third place was Braecen, due to consistent high-quality submissions in phase 1. Many thanks to all who participated and congratuations to Xantros!

In other news, this fiction puts us on the map. Quite literally! We have taken Caelestis City as our new home, and there’s now a touch of purple on the map of Ragnath (

Design Your Emperor

Note that this is all for the future. I don’t want to shake everything up too much before the Great Jedi War.

Results for this were insightful. Some categories had a clear preference across the clan which we will carry forward. 85.7% of members displayed a preference for attacking Meraxis, while the Republic of the Force were the most popular ally. 71.4% preferred a manipulative approach to conquering the system rather than smashing them in open conflict. This helps us to determine the clan’s future political decisions.

As for the Emperor itself, of the 7 responses we had, 4 seemed to lean towards a puppet of some sort controlled by the leadership / Eli / the Palps / the clan. Eli will continue to lead the clan, while a puppet leads the Empire that is controlled by the Clan and acts as a public face. Male and Sith seemed to be the dominant traits. However, one particular proposal stood out as exceptional, coming from our resident Dark Jedi Master, Natth a'Niel Palpatine. It encapsulates a lot of the ideas proposed by everyone else but in a very well thought out backstory stretching back to the formation of the clan. We're very keen to proceed with it but some details need to be ironed out

Competition Summary

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Congrats Xantros!

I still have drafts for the fictions... I guess they'll be used for something else. ;)