DB Artwork Featured on Geek Tyrant!


DB Artwork Featured on Geek Tyrant!


"This was just me really wanting to paint a redeemed (yet still alive) Darth Vader and Leia wearing a white getup like Padme wore in episode 2, just for fun. The idea came from the Star Wars Infinites Return of the Jedi comic, in which Vader is actually saved by Luke and Leia and turns away from the dark side, joining the rebellion. In the last panel, he dons a completely white suit of his armor. I thought that was a neat idea, but the white armor was a bit much. I just wanted to give a little more "sith-turned-jedi" vibe from him, while I wanted to give Leia a little more "hot-in-a-tight-white-suit" vibe." -- Jedi Art Trick

I don't know how I missed this, but Geek Tyrant recently ran an article spotlighting the above artwork done by Tony Warne, who most of us know simply as Jedi Art Trick! Seem familiar? He's the one responsible for the awesome Great Jedi War X comic.

You can read the article itself here!

As you scroll down, you will see some recognizable DB commissions portraying Taig, Sashar and the Erinos Clan, and even Ji.

This is really cool because I've wanted to try and reach out to Geek Tyrant for a while. I follow them regularly as my favorite hub for nerd-culture news, and they would be great to target if we ever managed to make a recruitment video or fan film for the DB.

(Which, I'll take a second to announce now, I have written a script and will be shooting something by the end of June. I'll let you guys know more info as it progresses!)

Random update, hopefully I did this right, Solari :P


"Even" Ji? I am the one who hooked him up with the rest of the DB :P. You're welcome. Airhead.

Hey. I did mention you. You're welcome. :P

Nice. What it take to do my character? I be wondering

same, I've been wondering about that as wel

You email the dude (if you can find his email somewhere) or send him a note on deviant art with what you want done and he'll get back to you on whether or not he'll take on the work and probably let you know the price (he used to have pricing on his deviant art profile, but I can seem to find it now.)


Actually here you go:

How much do you charge for commissions?

Depends on what you want. Most people want a full color character, which is $50 made through PayPal

Good stuff.


I'm pleased to say I've paid him to make Wuntila a reality before!

Woohoo! Go Anthony.

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